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my everything page

Scroll down or click these buttons and you will find lists of every single thing I do: from my watercolor paintings, to my 1:1 services, my freebies and my social media.

This page is one of the wonderful ideas that my coach and mentor Elizabeth Goddard has taught me.


It’s incredible how, after more than 8 years being an online entrepreneur and having had almost a new website every year (that’s what happens when you are a graphic and web designer… you can’t stop yourself) – I still have problems today to describe myself and everything I do.


And yeah, I’ve tried the “niching down” route… But it’s not working with me. I’m, like Marie Forleo says, a multi-passionate entrepreneur. And proud to be!

So this solution is the best way to explain you everything I do and what my business world looks like from the inside. 


I officially started my freelancing design business in 2013, but I’ve been working as a graphic and web designer since 2010. Although I’m currently more focused into digital products and online teaching, I’m still available for some design work and mentoring 1:1 services. Here you have all the different options:

social media

Honestly, I’m not a fan of social media and when it comes to being consistent… I’m the worse. But I did put a lot of hours and love into those profiles, so even though I’m not posting regularly on IG or FB, you are more than welcome to visit me there!


If you want my advice, the best place to follow me nowadays is on Youtube (because I share cool things for free) and my email list (because that’s where I announce all my sales, promotions and free things). Those are the places where I’m most active right now but feel free to connect with me elsewhere!

my wedding business

Finally, I do have another business specialised in creating custom wedding stationery. Its name is Lovers Love Loving, and you can check what I do in the following links.