why selling on etsy?

Since I first discovered the power of passive income, I’ve been encouraging everyone I can to sell digital products online. This is what I teach in many of my trainings and mentoring programs, and it’s what I believe is the best decision I’ve taken on my business.

So far I've been teaching other creatives things like:

  • Why you should have a passive income stream
  • What type of products you can create
  • How to price your products
  • How to design the promotional images
  • My personal experience with platforms like CreativeMarket and how to choose the best one for you
  • How to figure out the best product to start with and the best platform for you…

And when it comes to choosing a platform to start selling their creations, the majority of my students end up realising the best place to get started is Etsy.


  • It’s free to open a store
  • You pay just cents to upload a new product (and you can even get 40 free credits from me if you join the training)
  • It’s easy to use
  • They take care of the payment process
  • You can decide your pricing
  • You don’t need to have a website of your own
  • There are millions of users trusting Etsy already and using it as a search engine

welcome to

sell digital products on etsy

a 2 hour online training covering everything you need to know if you plan to sell digital products on Etsy as instant download files. From opening your store to setting up licenses and pricing your products. Join this class to solve your doubts about selling digital products on Etsy.

"Claudia provided a clear and well rounded insight and workings of Etsy. For a beginner like me it was the workshop I needed to start my Etsy shop selling digital products."


What will you learn if you join?

  • How to upload digital products to Etsy
  • How to describe your digital products on Etsy
  • How to avoid bad reviews or disappointed clients
  • Important things to include in your Etsy product images
  • How to deal with digital product licences
  • Tips to grow your email list through Etsy
  • What to do if your files are heavier than Etsy’s limit
  • Etsy SEO tips & my favorite tools
  • How to know what works and what doesn’t on your Etsy store
  • How to allow clients to personalise their digital downloads, even if they don’t have design skills or apps

Although Etsy is a simple and friendly user platform, it has its limitations when it comes to selling digital products.

I’ve been selling on Etsy since 2010, and selling digital products since 2015.

I’m now confident to open up new stores and upload new types of products; but I know it’s not as easy when you are starting fresh.

That’s why I decided to do this training in which I’ll cover everything you need to know and do when you start selling digital products on Etsy.

"I had no idea of all the possibilities that Etsy offered before taking this training. You can really tell that Claudia knows well the platform. I would definitely recomend it to any creative searching for alternatives to sell their products."


Claudia Orengo - watercolor artist, online teacher and creativity coach and mentor for artists

who am i?

👋 Hi!! If we haven’t met before, I’m Claudia Orengo – a graphic and web designer + watercolor artist from Barcelona.


I started my online business back in 2013 and later on 2015 I started selling my watercolor paintings on Etsy as digital downloads.



Now I’m teaching other creatives how to make passive income from their talents with digital products.

Now I'm teaching other creatives how to make passive income from their talents with digital products.

do you want to be a digital product seller?

Quick recap: Your pass to Sell Digital Products on Etsy includes...

  • 2 hours teaching you everything you need to know if you plan to sell digital products on Etsy.
  • Tips to find what to sell.
  • 3 licensing solutions.
  • My favorite tools and strategies.
  • 40 free listings if you are new to Etsy.
  • Lifetime access to the video recording and slides.

Join Sell Digital Products on Etsy for…


👍 Frequently Asked Questions 👍

Yep! I don’t sell this way on my Etsy store, but I cover the basics about Print on Demand and I share a pretty cool tool that also integrates with Printful and Printify. 

Big part of the training can be applied to POD products too (for example pricing, SEO, designing your images and descriptions…).

Yes I talk a little bit about it, although I’m focusing much more in digital products that can be automated and bring you real passive income 

It’s a 2 hour training that you can watch at your own peace.

Great! Use the chat box at the right bottom corner of this page and let’s chat or send me an email to claudia@heartmade.es.

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