student success with digital diaries

elevate your student experience with private journals on your website

Keeping your students and clients on track is one of the toughest parts of running a digital program. You may be offering weekly accountability check-ins in your group programs, and wondering what’s the most efficient way to set them up…

Well, this simple strategy and tool makes it easy for both you and them to track their progress aaaaand it looks much more professional than a Google Form!

This is what you will learn in this course:

  • How to set up the form on your website
  • How to set up a private journal preview for each student on your website
  • Options to decide what to show, how to get notifications, etc
  • How to create a master journal for you to see everyone’s answers

very important!

🚨 Please make sure you understand the requirements ⤵️

In order to apply what you’ll learn in this training you’ll need:

✅ website

✅ Purchase a plugin to make this work (it’s $99 for the first year and $199/year afterwards)

👍 Basic HTML and CSS knowledge will be helpful but not essential


student success with digital diaries

display your student progress form submissions on a private diary

“Student Success with Digital Diaries” is a comprehensive training designed to teach online educators and coaches how to set up an automatic digital journal to enhance the learning experience of their students.
The training covers how to set up a form and create a journal that reflects students’ progress, goals, and growth on your own WordPress website.
Claudia Orengo - watercolor artist, online teacher and creativity coach and mentor for artists

I am a graphic designer and a watercolor artist who loves teaching other creatives how to make a living from their talents.

In my 3 month program (the Heartmade Workspace) I help my students set up, focus and achieve their goals with weekly accountability.
After a few rounds I decided to explore ways to make their weekly progress check-ins something fun and useful.

Now I couldn’t be prouder of this system and I’m super excited to share it with other online teachers + students!

This is my favourite method for doing weekly accountability check-ins

 I use prompts to help them track their progress, ask for support, monitor their own progress all from within my WordPress website.  

My students love it as much as I do:


This is for you if you run online programs and want to check-in on a regular basis with your student/customer progress.

It can help you build a memorable experience and keep it saved forever on your website.

In order to be able to apply this system, you’ll need a WordPress website + pay for a plugin (yearly cost is $199, $99 the first year)

It should take less than an afternoon, and from there it will all be automated!

How does forever sound? Once you join, you get lifetime access!

Yes. You’ll need:

✅ website

✅ Purchase a plugin to make this work (it’s $99 for the first year and $199/year afterwards)

👍 Basic HTML and CSS knowledge will be helpful but not essential

Sure I can! You can book me for $250 here. But remember that you’ll still need to:

✅ Own a website

✅ Purchase a plugin to make this work (it’s $99 for the first year and $199/year afterwards)


Do you want to talk about it before booking? No problem, here’s my calendar!

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