Get instant access to the πŸ“” templates, πŸ“ swipe-files, πŸ–₯ tutorials & πŸ”Ž tools you need to start πŸ’° selling digital products πŸ‘


I've done the hard and boring work for you πŸ’ͺ

And now you can dedicate to what you really are good at: creating

Using everything included in this toolkit you’ll be able to earn passive income without having to worry about the boring and overwhelming side of creating digital products.

🀩It's basically everything I wished I had when I started selling digital products

packaged for those who dream of starting but…

… have tried it and it’s πŸ¦—Β  not bringing sales or…

… it’s too time consuming and didn’t expect it needed so much back-end work…

… or simply you don’t know where to start …Β 

I’m here to give you the tools you need to start selling digital products without overwhelm.

A toolkit designed for those who think SEO is like Chinese.

Tutorials and tips for both Photoshop and Canva users.

Templates and swipe-files that will make you find it so easy you wish you had started before.

And how do I know?

Because it’s the result of years of experience + students feedback.

😱 all for only $27 😱

watch this quick tour of what's inside

Module 1

Download my list of different product ideas for each niche & creative talent plus unlock access to my topic idea generator so you never run out of ideas!

Module 2

Learn how to design your promotional images to sell in marketplaces and get Canva templates as well as tutorials for Photoshop and Canva.

Module 3

Move out from the blank page fear with my description swipe-file and get an in-depth research of best keywords to use in marketplaces like Shutterstock or Etsy, together with a selection of Instagram hashtags.

Module 4

Learn how to organise your files both for you to remember what you have and for your customers to understand what they get. Plus, you'll also get access to my income sales tracker, a very motivating and easy-to-use tool!

let's do this together!

Claudia Orengo - watercolor artist, online teacher and creativity coach and mentor for artists

I am a graphic designer and a watercolor artist who loves teaching other creatives how to make a living from their talents.

Back in 2015 I started selling my paintings as digital downloads and I can promise you this has been the best decision I’ve made in my business.


But although I quickly started earning passive income, I know some back-end tasks and tech can be frustrating and overwhelming…


… and this is why I created this toolkit to make our life much easier!

unlock my scripts, templates and tools to focus only on creating beautiful products

Everything included in the Digital Product Creator Toolkit is designed to help you grow a stress-free digital product Empire, enjoy the creative process and let the rest be done for you.

a tested, proven, easy-to-follow and time-saving toolkit

here's everything you'll find inside

idea generator

Access to a random idea generator so that you always have inspiration and know what to create next.

promotional images templates

Design promotional images in just a few minutes by using these amazing templates with a free Canva account.

description swipe file copy

A proven formula to write your product descriptions with ease and make sure you avoid miss-understandings or bad client reviews.

seo research done for you

Unlock the list of top searches in the best digital product marketplaces so you don’t have to spend hours researching or paying any extra tools.

instagram hashtags

Get curated collections of 30 hashtags for each niche and digital product you can ever imagine, so that when you post… they get many ❀️s!

success tracker

Use this tracker to celebrate every sale and it will automatically calculate for you what’s bringing you more success.

Imagine if...

You only had to focus on what you enjoy and do best (creating)…

… and the back-end parts could be quickly done for you…

… without having to hire anyone to help you…

... this is how it should be... and how it can be for you, too!