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My entrepreneur daily planning and best relax routines

Try my relax routines and daily planning to have a happier entrepreneur life.

Today I’m writing this post at 7am in the morning, right before everyone else wakes up. And that’s not a coincidence, it is what I found that works best for me. As entrepreneur, mornings are the key for my daily happiness.

I’m a person who tends to anxiety and stress and it reflects a lot on my healthy (I’ve irritable bowel syndrome, so it means that every time I’m nervous my bowel automatically stresses making me go straight to the bathroom with a hard pain that most of the times makes me cry).
I’ve been knowing I have this sickness since 5 or 6 years ago, and with the time I’ve been learning how to control it a little bit. But few months ago I started making significant changes in my life, which reflected in a more healthy mind and less colon attacks.

I know many of you don’t have my sickness, and I’m happy for it, but the techniques I’m implementing are not a solution for the sickness but for the causes: stress, work obsession, anxiety, self-confidence, motivation…
So if any of these feelings sounds familiar to you, continue reading my friend because you are about to discover my best solution!

They call it The Miracle Morning, and there’s even a book about it written by Hal Elrod. If you want to read The Miracle Morning book you can find it here, but you don’t need to because I’m gonna explain you the key points of it and how it changed my life.

The book presents a methodology to follow every morning. A routine for 1 hour that will give you a happier mind, which will end up in a happier day. The exercise is divided in these practices:

– Meditation: 10 min

This is how it all started for me. Even before discovering The Miracle Morning I download an app in my phone called HeadSpace. I’ve been trying to do yoga and meditation for years but I always end up thinking in my projects or even laughing. HeadSpace helps me relax my mind not only during meditation time but also for the rest of the day.

– Journaling: 10 min

I like to combine this exercise with music. I put a happy song, I close my eyes and smile thinking how grateful I am for my life. Later I took pen and paper and I take note of everything what I’m grateful for. You can journal about your day, your feelings or even your personal goals. Just write about what helps you more.

– Reading: 10 min

I usually read books from Rafael Santandreu (my favorite psychologist about happiness) or  Albert Espinosa— (because they are short and have the best and clever messages I’ve ever read). Try “El mundo azul – Ama tu Caos” or “Si tú me dices ven lo dejo todo, pero dime ven”. They are only available in Catalan and Spanish but if you can read in those languages, I really recommend it! ????

– Affirmation: 5 min

That’s for me the hardest part and I usually can’t stand for 5 minutes, but I know it’s super important to work on my self confidence. Thinking about your strengths & believing you can do everything you want gives you the confidence you need for the day.

– Exercice: 20 min

I don’t do hard sport, just walk around the palm trees (if¡n case you don’t know it yet, I currently live near the desert in Morocco) and enjoy the silence and quietness from nature.

– Visualization: 5 min

It sounds estrange at the beginning but I love it. Imagining how realized and happy I’ll be by the end of the day when I finish all my duties gives me the energy and motivation to start working with a positive mind.

Of course you can mix the order & change the time you spend to each one. But the result is to dedicate this time for yourself to connect, to get motivation and be happier.
Try waking up an hour earlier to have this extra time for The Miracle Morning during some days and please let me know how is it going.

You can post a comment down here or just drop me an email. I can’t wait to hear how many happy minds we will be creating from Today!

And by the way, I’ve created this happy quote so you can download it and use it as your phone background. I hope it helps you remind every morning that today can be the best day of your life.

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