Easy to follow tutorial to add your email accounts to Mac Mail - by Claudia Orengo from heartmade.es

How to add all your email accounts to your mac Mail app

Hi darlings,

That’s a fact: I’ve had mac computers since 2009 but until 2016 I didn’t know how to use the Mail app. Even more, I was afraid of it!!

Every time I visited a website and clicked on their email to copy and paste it, an automated popup opened the Mail app freaking me out.

What would I do with it?

What email is associated to this app?

Too many questions came into my mind until I finally took my fear aside and dive into Heaven. Yes, that’s how I feel now about it. I love this app.

Why I love using Mac Mail?

Well, because since I’m a workaholic and a “newsbusinessidea-aholic”, I have many websites with many email accounts associated.

How many? Let me count… 4 gmail, 1 hotmail (actually 3 but I forgot the password of two of them and I don’t want to remember them anymore), 2 for Heartmade, 2 for Lovers Love Loving and 1 for Marrakech Desert Experience.
So imagine how crazy it was before, having to log in 5 different email providers… And to find an old email? Sometimes I could not remember from which one I sent it, so I had to check in aaaaall of them…

So yes, I recommend you to use the Mail app if you own a mac, it will save you time and it will help you stay organized.

And today I want to show to you how to add all your accounts to your mac Mail App.

Here you have a step by step tutorial:

1) Open the app

2) On the top admin bar go to Mail and select Add account…

3-A) Is it a gmail? Easy to follow, I don’t think you need more instructions
3-B) Is it with your own domain? Continue to Step 4

4) Select Add Other Account…

5) First it will ask you for a name (it will be the name that you see on your Mail admin panel, something just for you)
You will also need to fill your email and password fields.
The next step is the tricky part.

6) Now, you have to fill in the server settings for your Email account:
* Email Address: should be pre-filled with the name you’ve written before.
* Username: write your full email address as username.
* Password: enter the password for your email account.
* Account Type: it’s set to IMAP by default and I think it’s the best, but if you prefer POP3 feel free to change it.
* Incoming Mail Server: add mail.yourdomain.com unless you have a specific MX records configuration for your domain name.
* Outgoing Mail Server: same as the incoming server: mail.yourdomain.com.

Note: some domain providers have other incoming and outgoing mail server configurations, so in case you get an error try to find the information on their website or directly contact them. Setting up a email is something that everybody wants to do, so they usually have easy tutorials and offer a good service to help their clients get it done without headaches 🙂


Done? YAY!! Now click here over my email claudia@heartmade.es and try to reply from your new email account. You can just say hi or tell me anything you want about your business 🙂


I hope you find it useful and you can start working like a PRO with your mac!

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