5 reasons to turn your handwriting into a custom font

5 reasons to turn your handwriting into a custom font

Nowadays there are thousands of fonts out there, free and paid, so sometimes it can be overwhelming to find the perfect font for your business or design project.


In this post I want to share with you the benefits of turning your own handwriting into a custom font. I know it sounds like a cool idea to press some keys and see your own writing in a screen, but you may be thinking “and then what do I do with it?”.

Here you have 5 ideas to use your handwriting custom font:

1. Branding

Let’s start with the obvious one: to make your branding more unique. Instead of using the current trending fonts that everyone else is using too, you can create your logo using your own lettering. This will not only make you stand out from everybody else, but will also help your logo last longer. Chances are you’ll get bored of a trending font you see over and over, but not of your own handwriting. If you are an artist or want to really portrait your personality in your brand, this can be a great idea.


I’ve worked with many clients who, when it comes to designing their logo, like the idea to simply use their own signature.


Maria Santos was a clear example. When she hired me to design her website she had no logo. We went through some ideas and the one that she liked the most was to use her own signature. I vectorised it and created her logo. Now you can do the same if you get a custom font made from your own handwriting.

5 ideas to use your own handwriting as font

2. Memes, comics and fun illustrations

Polak is the clear example of this idea. He is an illustrator, and he likes to draw comic vignettes. Now that he has its own handwriting turned into a font he can use it to write any text he needs in his illustrations.

5 ideas to use your own handwriting as font

You can do the same even if you are not an artist.

Imagine you add a caption over a video, a meme or an IG post. You can use your own handwriting to add this personal touch and again, make it much more memorable. After a few posts people will easily recognise you through your writing.


And in this case you can use it only as a fun resource but keep your branding as is. You don’t need to change your branding font if you are happy with it, but complement it with your handwriting font when you want to add comments or funny quotes in your posts.

3. thank you notes

When I joined the Profitable Playground with Elizabeth Goddard she sent me a physical thank you card. It was a printed card with a message from her celebrating the fact that I invested in her program.


It was such a nice thing to get on the mail.

5 ideas to use your own handwriting as font

Now imagine you can do the same but with your own handwriting font. That would be a step further!


I know first hand that handwriting thank you cards is time consuming and the pressure of making it perfect can be the reason to actually do mistakes or have a weird pulse, but if you get your own handwriting turned into a custom font all those problems will be solved!


Your students, clients and fans can get a personal message from you without you having to repeat it over and over.

4. email signature

Raise your hand if you have ever received an email signing with an image of their name with a handwritten font 🙋‍♀️.

I actually did that for a client a couple of months ago:

5 ideas to use your own handwriting as font

When you get your handwriting turned into a custom font, you can do that and change the text to anything you wish.


One day it can be your name only, another day it can be a sign off message… you decide! You’ll have the font and you’ll be able to change it as you please.

5. merchandise

Finally, let’s talk about bringing your business to the next level.


What if you were selling (or giving away as launch bonuses or thank you gifts) merchandise with quotes that represent you and your brand?

You could do so by using your own handwriting font!


Imagine a mug with your favourite quote, written with your font. You can do it yourself if you have an SVG cutting machine or you can use a Print on Demand supplier to produce it for you.


And I say mugs but this can extend to almost anything: t-shirts, notebooks, planners, wall art, phone covers… You name it!

5 ideas to use your own handwriting as font
5 ideas to use your own handwriting as font

These are my 5 ideas to turn your handwriting into a custom font.

If you want to have your own handwriting font, don’t miss this opportunity and book it with me! But do not wait too long, I’m only doing it during July 2021.

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