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Ready to do things faster, work less hours and have free time for yourself?

What if you can have one extra day in your weekends?
I have your solution!
Let me show you techniques that will really help you get things done faster and be happier with your results.

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With my course you will become a Productivity Boss:

* You will do more in less time
* You will wake up happy and motivated every day
* You will go to bed with your tasks finished
* You will never have unchecked lists
* Stress will disappear from your life
* Your clients will be amazed by your delivery speed
* You will earn free time every day to disconnect from work


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The regular-priced investment for this course is 75€, but TODAY ONLY, I am offering it to you for 37,5€. That is 50% off!

This course includes:

* 8 lessons delivered every week with tips, exercises, and guidance to be more productive
* my personal support and assistance during your experience[/lgc_column]



Who am I?

[lgc_column grid=”30″ tablet_grid=”30″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]Claudia Orengo, graphic and web designer from Barcelona available for worldwide clients[/lgc_column]

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My name is Claudia Orengo and I’m a graphic & web designer. I help entrepreneurs build thriving businesses, be found online and attract their customers with the perfect branding.
I started freelancing on 2013 and I’ve been living my dream life since then. Of course being your own boss has difficulties, but I found the perfect way to be productive, grow my business and at the same time enjoy time with my beloved.
When I’m not coding new websites, painting watercolors or designing new brands, I love to play Catan, watch girly series like Gilmore Girls in Netflix or int he beach (although now I live in Morocco so I changed the sand beach for the desert dunes…)


Fun facts about me

I love whales
Colors make me happy
I love traveling, and I always try to get different experiences from the places I visit
I spent 1 month in Japan working for an ONG to save the sea turtles
I don’t know how to stop thinking
I hate chocolate and sugar
But I love taking pictures of cute donuts and macaroons