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This is how my mind looks like

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Since I was a kid I’ve been very creative and loved anything that involved colors & making things with my hands.

At the age of 10, I was already designing, although at that time I had no idea that I could make a living from that…

My father is a photographer, and during the 90’s he used to deliver his work on a DVD. He bought a printer for CDs and I designed him the covers. Later on, I ended up designing custom music CDs for all my friends at school.

When I was 16 I decided I wanted to become a graphic designer, but I still had to wait 2 more years to go to the university… Those years were an eternity!

Finally, I studied in Barcelona and did a 6 months Erasmus program in Denmark. I loved the Danish school and methodology!!
They had an open program where you could choose your subjects or even create your own projects.
In none of both universities, there were any subjects about web design but I wanted to learn it, so I decided to study it on my own during my stay in Denmark.

When I came back to Barcelona I did an internship in one of the biggest companies for packaging design in the city.

It was my last year of career and although the company was great I wanted to learn more about web design & development, so I applied for a job and I got it!

I started working there the week after finishing my degree, and it was amazing because I was the only graphic designer (and female) of the company. All the rest were male informatics! Great opportunity to continue learning about web design 🙂

A year after I found a job on the fashion niche, which was also very interesting for me, and I took it. There I learned a lot about creating new collections and working under pressure for big brands, but I finally decided I wanted to be my own boss and I quit to start this studio.

Since 2013 I’ve been working as a freelance graphic designer, helping other creative entrepreneurs with branding and web design, and I couldn’t be happier.

I can now work from anywhere I want and keep learning new things every day 🙂

curious about my working process?

Since I was a kid I’ve been very creative and loved anything that involved colors & making things with my hands.

At the age of 8, I was already creating handmade products, although at that time I had no idea that I could make a living from that…

I learned how to make friendship bracelets and I was so obsessed with getting new threads, learning new shapes and combining the colors… I ended up creating bracelets for kids at school I barely knew just for the pleasure of sharing my creations

When I was studying design in Denmark I started knitting and crocheting. My grandmother and aunt had taught me the basics and thanks to Youtube I learned much more.

When I came back to Barcelona I created a small jewelry brand and I sold it in handmade fairs.

A year after I launched my first “serious” Etsy shop, this time selling handmade soaps. This is when I started using the name of Heartmade, and it was a very fun time. I shared the business with a friend and we enjoyed designing everything: new collection concepts, pictures, labels, packaging, website…

But we ended up losing money and we closed the shop.

Then a year after I took the best decision of my life: I quit my job and I opened again Heartmade, but this time as a graphic & web design studio.

I also continued creating handmade products and selling them online. I’m a creativity addict and I can’t stop learning and creating new things. From pencil cases to woven wall hangings, kimonos, purses… The list is endless, but the concept is simple: I can’t stop creating and I’m obsessed with designing new brands.

Some of these businesses were more successful than others, but from all of them, I learned new lessons. I even got featured in ELLE Magazine and on the National Catalan TV!

You can check my youtube video about best selling products to know more about my experiences.

In 2015 I started my second big business: Lovers Love Loving. It’s a wedding stationery design studio, and I’m very proud of it because it’s the result of all I’ve learned from my past failed attempts.

Once again, I followed my heart, but this time I also did it with a strong branding and strategy, which led to a successful business is less than a year. I got featured in many blogs & magazines and I collaborated with big brands like Charo Ruiz or Tous.

I can now say that I’m expert in blooming businesses and that’s exactly what I do here at

do you want to bloom your business with me?

Since I was a kid I’ve been very creative and loved anything that involved colors & making things with my hands.

Although I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting, I’ve only took some basic classes.

At school, I learned the basics (like any other kid) and then my last two years before going to the university had some art lessons.

But in any of those classes, I painted with watercolors. During many years I used to say “I’m a designer but I’m not a good illustrator”.

Until I found watercolors. It was scary at the beginning! There is no way to go back and you need to be fast painting before things dry… But it’s addictive.

I learned with video tutorials (like I did with almost everything I know) and from my own mistakes.

The magic came thanks to Instagram. I started posting there my paintings and my followers loved them. It was super encouraging!

I decided to sell my paintings as desktop wallpaper and in just 3 days I made my first sale. I’d been selling many products on Etsy and that was by far the fastest one in giving results!

So I continued following my heart, spending afternoons painting and just enjoying the process.

In 2015 I started my wedding stationery business Lovers Love Loving and almost all my designs were made from my watercolor paintings.

People loved them and I got my first graphic design inquire thanks to that. It was Cristina, a sweet makeup artist and hair stylist that I met in Ibiza (where I was living at that time).
She wanted to start her freelance business and asked me to design her a logo and website with my paintings. And so I did!!

After her project, many others came, and Today I can say that my design style is mainly defined by my watercolor paintings.

Of course, I can (and I do) design with other styles, so if you want to work with me feel free to send me a message so we can chat about your projects 🙂

I also offer my watercolor paintings as clip arts ready to use for other designers.

My latest obsession are textile prints, which I sell at patternbank.

If you want to learn how to paint with watercolors and design your own graphics, you can find me in Youtube or learn with my online courses.

do you want to learn watercolors & design?

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