Boost your blog productivity


I’m super excited to invite you to my first ever live masterclass, in which I’ll share with you my tips and techniques to boost your blog productivity.

All you need to do to get access to this free training is register your spot here:

In this training you will learn

– How to spend less time on your blog tasks
– Automation techniques for your blog
– My favorite tools to save time
– Batching techniques for content creation


About me

I’m Claudia Orengo, a graphic & web designer + watercolor artist. I started blogging back in 2013 and although I enjoy writing, it’s never been my main job as freelance.

Claudia Orengo, graphic and web designer from Barcelona available for worldwide clients

Blogging for me is an extra, a marketing technique. It’s a repetitive task, important, but part of a bigger strategy.

Because of that, when I discovered how much time it absorved me, I decided I needed to find a solution.

That’s when I started investigating about productivity, automation and time-saving techniques to reduce my time blogging but mantaining the same quality

With my new blogging routines, I…

– dedicate only 1 hour to create, record and edit a weekly tutorial in my youtube channel + write the according blog post + share it to social media
– Have all my promo images in less than 1 minute
– Feel excited about the whole blogging process
– Have a system that doesn’t bore me
– Automate most of the tasks

Are you ready to have it too?

This training is for you if

– You have a blog, or a vlog, or a youtube channel, or similar content creation technique to promote your business.
– You like learning new techniques.
– You are willing to change your habits & systems to get better results.
– You want to continue offering high-quality content but working less time.
– You need a system that once is implemented, you never go back again.