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Let's design digital products for stress free income!

Here you’ll find the essential training, advice & monthly support you need to create & grow a passive income store.

does any of this sound familiar...?

If it does, you are not alone... I've been there too:

And this is why I created this membership!


passive income growth academy

When you join the membership, you will...

Build a side business that brings automatic, passive income to help you get the freedom you want.

Connect with other creatives in the same situation and find friends from all around the world.

Eliminate the guesswork by following my proven step by step strategy to build a store.

Learn how to get more visibility without having to actively promote your products. Passive Marketing!

Get inspiration every month based on real trends and customer behaviours to boost your sales.

Stop wasting time fighting with tech. Unlock direct and short tutorials to create faster & smarter.

Claudia Orengo - watercolor artist, online teacher and creativity coach and mentor for artists
I am a graphic designer and a illustrator who loves teaching other creatives how to make a living from their talents.
I created this membership because selling digital products is the best business model I’ve tried so far.
I believe that every creative should have some passive income streams but consistency is key, so I want to offer you the accountability and help you need to build your digital product empire with the lowest investment possible. 

So what exactly do you get?


The community

A private space to connect with other creatives from different countries, chat, share your progress and celebrate together!

The Library

Immediate access to digital product trainings, including a 5 day challenge to get started, a 3 month growth & mastery plan and lots of complementary tutorials to help you with design, tech and passive marketing.


monthly planning sessions & prompts

Every month I’ll share with you my real plan and topics to focus on. You’ll receive a briefing with prompts & inspiration based on the current trends and upcoming customer needs. 


Design critique & Personalised Feedback

You’ll have the chance to submit your creations and ask for feedback any time you need it in our forum. I’ll hop in and give you my opinion and, if needed, I’ll record a custom video for you!


promoting your creations to my email list

Every month you’ll have a form with a deadline to submit your newest products. When the deadline ends, I’ll publish them in the Marketplace, a page in my own website, and I’ll email my 3000+ list to promote them.

some love

here's what current members say about the PIGA membership...

"I am so happy I joined Claudia’s membership. I’ve been a part of many but this one has to be the best as I finally have the support and resources (in one place) that I need to help me move forward.

Claudia gives great feedback and is so respectful and considerate of everyone.

The community is also a beautiful space to be in and be apart of. I’m really looking forward to the next 6 months and beyond!

I finally feel like I’m in the right space and place to achieve my goals, at my pace but with amazing support!"
"Claudias PIGA Membership is like having a bunch of like minded collegues, that you can chat with, when you got questions or feel stuck. I have been the only designer in my corporate job for many years and it felt quite lonely sometimes.

Now, working from home on my creative business it's even more important to connect and interact with other professional creatives. I really appreciate Claudia's reviews on my products, that I want feedback on.

It feels much more personal than in other memberships."
Katrin Graff
"PIGA is amazing! Claudia holds a powerful space for creators to actually create, complete and promote products!

The skills of all of us combined leads to a wealth of knowledge, expertise and encouragement right when you need it!

If you are looking for a safe, judgment free, encouraging space to get your creative work out into the world and start making money...look no further...join us here!"
"I have really loved the membership. I find it really motivating and I greatly enjoy learning from Claudia and so many amazing creatives! I feel inspired to work on my products and I have gained so much from the personalised feedback. I look forward to learning so much more!"
Juliana Diaz
"Claudia has created a supportive community of creatives who are not only eager to learn from her, but also share their experiences and insights with the group.

The trainings, monthly planning sessions, and co-working sessions create an environment where you are supported throughout your journey for creating or increasing your passive income."
"Claudia is awesome! I've been in several of her programs, and each one has been highly beneficial. She creates a safe space for everyone to learn and share, and her experience and insights are invaluable when you are learning."
Karen Burke
"I’m really just in the early months of putting effort into my passive income journey, but I’m so thankful that I joined PIGA, I love it!

The membership is really helping to keep me accountable and focused through monthly planning ‘suggestion’ videos, trainings, virtual co-working sessions, active feedback from Claudia and an active, supportive community of like minded creatives who are posting progress and wins as well as adding their own expertise, knowledge and experiences into the mix.

If there’s a training, info or feedback we need, Claudia is very responsive in answering questions and often swiftly creates new videos when needed.

Claudia is so friendly and helpful and leads the membership with a ‘can do’ attitude - a great person to learn from, practical and proactive and a great example of what is achievable with steady consistent creative action."
Luci Power
"Besides the accountablity to "show up for the work" that this group brings, it also offers a TON of helpful resources available when you need them."
Sarah Skeen
"Thanks so much Claudia!! Your membership is EXCELLENT one of the best of the many I have joined. I love it!

Even though I am pressed for time I have managed to benefit from your membership since joining it in May. This month I got tons of inspiration and product ideas from your Monthly Plan which is a quick read yet packed with value.

Please keep it up and keep it going. Thank you."


This membership is suitable for those who are:

  • Creatives who are familiar with tech software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or similar.
  • Artists who want to monetise their talents.
  • People who are either beginning on their journey or already started, but aren’t earning yet the income they wish.
  • Those who are committed to dedicate time to this, and understand it’s not a quick-win solution but a long-term project.
  • In any case, it’s important that you don’t join this Membership expecting it to become your financial solution. You must understand we can offer guidance and support, but never predict or assure sales or income. That’s the goal, but not a promised result from joining the Membership.
  • It’s a perfect strategy for those who have financial stability and are looking for long-term ways to earn extra passive income.

You can cancel at any time. When you cancel your subscription you will immediately loose access to everything included in the membership.

If you are also a student of my online trainings because you purchased them separately, you keep lifetime access to them even if you cancel your membership.

If you decide to come back later you’ll have to do it at the current price.

I’ve made the cancellation process as easy and smooth as possible. You’ll even find a video with instructions to clear any doubts.

Everything is available straight away, but every month I’ll add new inspiration and prompts + online trainings per request or need. 

Basically, you get immediate access to everything that’s been created so far and you’ll keep receiving more and more during your membership time.

No. Once you cancel you will loose access to everything included in the membership. If you are a student of any of my online trainings and you purchased it separately, you’ll keep lifetime access to it.

We don’t offer free trials, but you can join for a month and if you aren’t happy with it cancel right away. 

No problem! Use the chat box at the bottom right corner of this page or write me at claudia@heartmade.es and I’ll happily answer it for you!