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If you like my creations and want to share them, this is the perfect way to get more passive income!

here's how it works:

Sign up to join the program via Thrivecart (with a free account).

You will get your unique affiliate link to share with your audience.

You will earn 40% commission for digital products and 20% for services.

I’ll pay you 30 days after, on the 1st of every month via Paypal.

Creative Business Owners

You'd be a great fit as an affiliate if:

frequently asked questions:

The amount you earn will vary per product, as some products cost more than others.

For digital products, you will get paid 40% of the total paid price of the product purchased.

For services, the commission is 20%.

Through Paypal!

Payments are automated 30 days after the sale, on the 1rst of each month. So for example if your sale is on February 1rst, you will get paid on March 1rst. But if your sale is on February 2nd, you will get paid on April 1rst.

However you want!

If you sign up to become part of the program, I’ll be happy to brainstorm ideas with you, but here’s a few to get your started:

Share your link on social media, write a blog post review of one of your favorite courses, add a banner to your sidebar, pin it to Pinterest, …

You can read the full affiliate terms and conditions here, but here’s a general summary of things you can and cannot do:

❌  Don’t make a purchase using your affiliate link – you won’t receive commission for that.

❌  Don’t create a website explicitely for promoting my products – especially not with “Heartmade” or “Claudia Orengo” included in the domain name.

 Make sure that your links are up to date in your blog posts (and anywhere else you choose to promote).

✅  Be transparent with your audience by providing an affiliate disclaimer before posting affiliate links to my products.

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