I don’t know if I’m Heartmade or if Heartmade is me.

Since I was a child I have some magnetic attraction to crafts, which I tried to avoid in some moments of my professional career, but finally I decided I can’t avoid it anymore, I have to integrate it to my life!

Claudia Orengo, graphic designer at heartmade.es

I am Claudia, a graphic designer and maker from Barcelona. I remember when I was a girl and I used to go with my mother to old shops in the center of Barcelona to buy beads, threads and yarns. I’m crazy for colors, and I’m so happy just staring in front of those big walls full of colorful supplies…!! Sometimes I think I should own one of those shops… but I’m afraid I would ruin myself because I would use everything rather than selling it.

I think cross-stitching may be the first craft I learned, with my grandmother. She also taught me to crochet and to knit. At the age of 7 I started doing jewelry with beads. Then, everybody started asking me to do things for them, and I did crocodile shaped keychains for the whole class!! Few years later I began playing with my father’s computer and, I don’t know how, I ended designing CD’s for all my friends with our favorite songs. When I was 15 I had one thing clear: I wanted to be a graphic designer! So I finished school and I went to the university in Barcelona, and it was great.

But in 2010 I went to Kolding, in Denmark, to study there for 6 months. It was awesome! That university was full of creative minds and teachers were so excited to share their knowledges… I learned a lot in that school, but living in Denmark gave me something else that I missed for some years: I started making handmade things again. Mostly, I knitted. The days were short and the weather cold, so it was perfect to spend hours at home knitting.

When I finished my studies I started working on a website design company, which I also like to do a lot. But spending all day in front of the computer just creating virtual things wasn’t enough. I needed more. I needed to create things, to make things.

After few years I took the biggest and best decision of my life: I quit my job and I started freelancing here, in Heartmade. Because I want to create design for happiness, I want to help other passionate creatives with their businesses.

I’ve been doing what I most love since 2013 and I couldn’t be happier. I help entrepreneurs, I share my passion and knowledge with them and I have free time to travel and make my own crafts.

I have lived in Barcelona, Berlín, Ibiza and right now in a small town in Morocco (near the Sahara desert).

Recently I discovered my passion for watercolor paintings and I have shops in Minted, Etsy, Redbubble and I also launched a new company selling wedding invitations under the name of Lovers Love Loving.

So if you are anything like me, I would love to hear your story and chat about how can I help you! Please send me an email to claudia@heartmade.es so we can do something cool together!

My formula for happiness is design + travel + crafts. That’s it, that’s how I am. I am a graphic designer passionated for handmade things. Or maybe I am a maker with graphic design and web development knowledges… I’m not sure.

I don’t know if I am Heartmade or if Heartmade is me.