My Wow for the New MailChimp Campaign!

My wow for the new Mailchimp campaign: “Hi, We’re Mailchimp”

Wow… I’m impressed with the new Mailchimp campaign: “Hi, we’re Mailchimp”.

I don’t know how you call those moments when magically everything seems to fit, change or create something amazing right in the moment when you needed to hear that message. I like to call it “when the planets align…”

But anyway, you probably may be thinking I’m kind of crazy right now (which yes, I am a little bit :D)
Let me explain you why I’m so excited about what I’m writing right now:

I have been lately learning a lot about online marketing. How to grow an email list, email marketing, pursuing your business goals, advertising on Facebook, Instagram ads, google Adwords, blog traffic from Pinterest…

And because of everything I was learning, I started considering the idea of migrating from Mailchimp to another email provider.

I’ve been in Mailchimp since Heartmade – Design for Happiness was born, and until a year ago I even considered the possible existence of other companies offering the same services.

I love their interface, I love how easy it is to set up anything you need, I love their tutorials, I love the automation, I love their schedule tool… I love their phone app, I love their funny messages and I ALWAYS high five with the computer every time I send a campaign…

Mailchimp High Five

But I found that organizing subscribers depending on their behavior was not easy, and the fact that duplicated subscribers count as two different emails started to be a problem. So I considered others.

And then Today I wanted to login and I found their new campaign. And they totally captivated me again. I know it will sound silly (and even egocentric…), but I feel like if they actually planed the campaign for me!

Of course, the one that captured my attention at first was the pink one. And then I click and what I find? The Grand Budapest Hotel! Come on, my favorite film director?

MailShrimp Wes Anderson inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel

And then I scroll down and find the whale one… Yep, hi there! Claudia, the crazy one for whales… I really can’t stop saying wooooow! How cool is that new website?

WhaleSynth by Mailchimp

If you haven’t seen it yet, please do it. Here you have the link: Hi, we’re Mailchimp

Ok, so I rushed into my Bear app and started typing.
Yes, today I totally skipped my blog post template and I even did not research for keywords.
If you have no clue of what I’m talking about, please consider reading my post about how I plan good SEO blog posts.

But I feel like I needed to do it. Blogging and owning our own businesses has to be also fun and we always need to leave some place for improvisation, don’t you think?
And I think I’m gonna post it now, even if it’s not Thursday… It makes more sense.

Well, then… Here you have it! My WOW about Mailchimp.
I guess I’m gonna stay with them for a while longer 🙂

I can’t say no to whales and Wes Anderson!

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