Oh… that’s so sweet!

Thank you for letting me know that you love my watercolors. It makes me super happy!

I’ll be in touch soon, but for now I want to remind you that I’m sending a free phone wallpaper every month for those who love my paintings. 

If you are not receiving them yet, you can join my watercolor lovers group here and you will automatically receive this painting:

free phone wallpaper by Claudia Orengo

Do you want it?

Yes! Send me the image, Claudia!

Finally, if you know someone else who could love my painting too, I would really appreciate if you could invite him/her to join my Watercolor Lovers Group 🙂

It’s very easy, just share this link with your friends and I’ll send them my free paintings every month too!

Click here to share it with your friends!

See you soon!

Before you go... it's free!

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