My favorite Valentines Day promotional ideas to win extra money + free social media images :)

Valentines Day Promo Ideas to Win Extra Money

Hi there!

Have you already decided what Valentines Day promo will you run this year? Valentines is a very good moment to win some extra money, especially now after the Holidays boom.

First, let me tell you I’ve done the hard work for you and I’ve created a set of images ready to publish in your social media to celebrate Valentines Day. You can download them here:
Valentines Day promo images - Free download

FREE promotional images for Instagram and Facebook

In case you don’t know how to celebrate Valentines Day, here you have some ideas that any brand can apply, even if you think your business isn’t related at all with couples and love!

1) Customize your best seller

We all have a product that sells better than the others. You can take that product and tweak it a little bit and create a “Valentines” special edition.
If you are a photographer, you can offer couple sessions.
If you sell notebooks, you can create a special design with hearts or a love quote.
If you sell jewelry, you can sell twin bracelets to celebrate the best friends love.

Valentines Day Promo: Initial Bangle Gold Cursive Initial heart Bangle Bracelet Script Lowercase,Valentines day Gift.Bridesmaid Gift Wedding Minimalist

Initial Bangle by saruscrafts via Etsy

As a graphic and web designer, I’m offering a custom design & development of a website homepage or landing page to promote Valentines Day offers. ((( More info at the end of this article )))
It does not need to be necessary done with your best seller, but chances are that if people are already loving it they will like the Valentines version too 😉

2) Run a flash discount or sale

Offering a discount can always be an incentive for your customers to buy.
It can be a % discount, 2×1, free shipping…
I would recommend you to offer the discount on only some products.
Try with season products or the ones that you have more stock.
You can also offer a discount for only one of your best sellers.
Like that you will capture the attention of potential customers and when they come to your website they will see all your other products. I bet many people will end up buying something with the usual price because they just love it.

3) Offer the option to make a surprise gift

Keep in mind that many people are buying gifts for their couples, friends or family.
By promoting a special gift wrapping paper and a custom card to add their message you can get more clients deciding to buy in your shop instead of your competition.
I actually designed a Valentines Day heart wrapping paper that you can buy here at Minted.

Valentines Day promo heart wrapping paper

Valentines Day hearts wrapping paper by Claudia Orengo via Minted

4) Add an extra gift for every purchase

That’s as simple as adding an extra detail for every sale someone does to your website.
Do a list of possible ideas to come up with something that your ideal clients love. It can be a product from your shop or something that you don’t usually sell.
Let’s say for example your target are young moms. Your gift can be something for their kids, such as heart-shaped balloons or cute temporary tattoos.

valentines day promo heart balloons

5) Run a giveaway or contest

This may seem like losing money instead of winning. But that’s actually a pretty good idea if you are just starting and you don’t have a very big audience.
Offering one product for free can attract your potential customers and once you finish your giveaway you can offer them a special deal on your shop.
Remember to ALWAYS ask for their email address, don’t just ask for follows or likes in social media… Social media can stop being trendy or change their algorithm, but email will always be there.


I hope these ideas help you decide what promotion will you run this year for Valentines Day.

Feel free to comment here your links and promo codes, you never know where your next client will be coming from!


Also, if you need help designing your promo images and websites, I’ll be glad to help you!

Here you have 4 options (starting from 0€)

A) Download my free Valentines Day promo images for Facebook and Instagram here.

Valentines Day promotional images - FREE download!

Please don’t delete my credit 🙂


Valentines Day Promo Images to DIY - Watercolor & Lettering Clip Arts by Heartmade

Get my Ready to Use Valentines Day watercolor illustrations and letterings here:
Watercolor Heart Illustrations
Decorative Watercolor Heart Illustrations
Love quotes and Valentines letterings
Valentines Day clip art bundle of everything above

C) Custom design:

Valentines Day promotional images - Custom Design by Claudia Orengo from - Design for Happiness

I’ll design your Valentines Day promotional images for social media, website or email marketing. Price is 50€ and there are only 10 spots available. Book your custom design here.

D) Custom landing page / homepage:

Valentines Day promotional landing page - Custom Design by Claudia Orengo from - Design for Happiness

If you want to have a Valentines Day themed page*, I can design and develop it for you. Price is 150€ and there are only 4 spots available.
Book your Valentines themed website page here.

*Note: this is not the price for a whole website, it’s only a custom design for this special event and promotion. No logos or complementary designs included.

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