The secret key from any successful small business

If you are anything like me, your dream is to be your own boss and run a successful small business. But what happens to many people is that sometimes we (yes, me too) leave our passions drive our businesses. Following our guts isn’t something bad,

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Try my morning relax routines and discover how to have productive and happy days while working from home! - by Claudia Orengo from

Try my relax routines and daily planning to have a happier entrepreneur life. Today I’m writing this post at 7am in the morning, right before everyone else wakes up. And that’s not a coincidence, it is what I found that works best for me. As

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These are my favorite tools to be more productive on my freelance job

Hello! Today I want to talk about productivity. For those who don’t know my background, I decided to quit my job on a design studio on September 2013 and start my freelancing journey as That’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever done on

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