Makeup Artist Website Design for Cristina Martinez by

Makeup Artist Website Design for Cristina Martinez – Milan

Makeup Artist Website Design for Cristina Martinez by


Cristina was the our model in the first shooting that we did for Lovers Love Loving. I will never forget that day because it’s when I also met Jessie and Guillermo. It was our first time with Jessie working as our hair and makeup artist, and until later we did not discover that Cristina was also a makeup artist! She came with her boyfriend Guillermo, who by the way has a men’s fashion blog and I had the honor to help him with his website design too.

But let’s get back to Cristina. Pretty, full of joy and with a lot of energy. We really connected from the first moment. And that’s why I was so happy when a month later she contacted me again to ask me for help on her new upcoming life-changing project.

She had decided to move with Guillermo to Milan to start freelancing as a hair and makeup artist. I was so happy for her! But the timing was super short. In just few weeks I created her new logo and website, ready to pack and fly from Ibiza to Milan!


She asked me to paint something with watercolors for her new logo. How cool does this sound? I was super excited! It was my first logo design using my watercolor paintings. And she wanted bright and powerful colors. I was delighted!

The result is this. Pink lips surrounded by a splash of colors, with a hand written lettering for her name.

Makeup Artist Logo Design for Cristina Martinez by

We used it as her home page image for the website design at, which was basically an easy to manage WordPress portfolio. That’s what she needed, since she was planning to do many projects in Milan. And she did! Don’t miss her Instagram feed, you will see how cool it is everything that she does!

Makeup Artist Website Design for Cristina Martinez by

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