hair & Makeup website design for Jessie May Young by - design for happiness

Blog Branding for Jessie May Young – Bohemian Bond

hair & Makeup website design for Jessie May Young by - design for happiness


Jessie told me she had been wishing for more than a year to start a blog, but she never found the moment neither the courage. So after our first meeting I was so excited to help her that everything went super fast.
On the one hand, she needed a general branding design and an online portfolio to showcase her latest works as bridal hair and makeup artist. On the other hand, she wanted to finally start her dream blog, in which she would mainly talk about her new life in Ibiza. She recently moved with her husband and three kids from London to Ibiza, so she wanted to share with the world their adventures in the white island.

Jessie has an amazing style, not only on hair and makeup. Believe me, her outfits are to dye for. She is the perfect bohemian mummy. And this also reflects on her work: long wavy hair, nude makeup… Jessie’s brides are natural, young and with a free spirit.


The first thing I did was to design a branding in which we could fit her two brands. For her makeup portfolio we did a logo under the name of “Jessie May Young” and for the lifestyle blog she decided to go for “Bohemian Bond”.

I wrote by hand her logos, using bohemian decoration on the letters. She is such a fan of arrows! As you can see, both logos share the same style. They are perfect to relate one to the other. It was a good idea to connect them since she is the same person, just sharing different moments of her daily life.

Logo design for Jessie May Young by - design for happiness

Logo design for Bohemian Bond by - design for happiness

We continued playing with the hand drawn elements for her other designs. Here you can see how I used it too on the price list. Clean, black and white design with a modern and bohemian style. That’s what we went for.

Bridal Hair & Makeup artist price list design by - design for happiness

Finally, I created two websites for her: and

jessie may young - bohemian bond scroll website design by - design for happiness


Using the same structure and general design was another great idea. Again, we wanted to connect both brands and I wanted her to feel free to be herself in both places. We also linked from one website to the other so that their readers or customers could discover more about her (and yes, for SEO too)


Bohemian Bond blog design by - design for happiness

Bohemian Bond selected her favorite products and I designed a wish list page for her blog

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