Create a website that attracts clients, brands and partners even if you are an introvert and don’t like cold pitching.


Imagine having an easy way to showcase your portfolio, feeling proud of your presentation and get the best feedback from your ideal collaborators.

This is what happens to me every time I share my online portfolio:

And you can have it too!


design a website portfolio for pitching

An online training teaching you how to design your own portfolio website to pitch and get collaborations even if you are an introvert and don’t know how to code.

You will learn:

  • What to include in your website portfolio 
  • How to decide your branding design 
  • How to select the right creations to pitch 
  • How to design an stunning presentation 
  • How to build your website with WordPress without coding
  • How to customise your website to each pitch 
  • How to edit your website every time you create something new

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your instructor

Claudia Orengo - watercolor artist, online teacher and creativity coach and mentor for artists

I am a graphic designer and a watercolor artist who loves teaching other creatives how to make a living from their talents.


Back in 2013 I realised I was meant to work by myself and started my brand under the name of Heartmade.


Since then I’ve helped several business owners and creatives designing their branding and webs, and now I’m pleased to show you how to do it yourself in this training Design a Website Portfolio for Pitching.

ready to pitch with confidence?

Join this training and learn how to design a stunning web portfolio without coding that will help you attract more customers, brands and licensing opportunities.

this training is for you if...

✅  You are an artist, illustrator, designer… a creative!


✅  You sell creative products or services.

✅  You want to feel proud of your website portfolio.

✅  You want to do your own website.

✅  You have some work to show, even if it’s just 5 pieces.

✅  You are confident with basic tech.

On the other hand, it's not for you if...

❌ You already like your portfolio website.

❌  You don’t have anything to share or don’t want to.

❌  You want someone else to design and build a website for you.

❌  You have 0 experience with computers and tech.

👍 Frequently Asked Questions 👍

You’ll need a domain and a hosting. 

There are plenty of companies offering domain and hosting deals. If you have doubts feel free to write me at

I will teach how to build your web portfolio with Elementor and WordPress, both free tools. I recommend because it’s free (not because that’s a paid and limited version).

But if you like other tools like Wix, Squarespace, etc… It’s totally fine! 

You will learn how to build your structure, create a cohesive branding look, design a page with a clear strategy behind… And all of that can be done with any tool.

If you have a website but still want to improve the portfolio page, I’m sure this training will help you!

You’ll receive an email immediately with the link to join the course recording.

No problem! Use the chat in the bottom right corner or send me an email at and I’ll answer you as soon as possible!

ready to be proud of your portfolio?

or 3 payments of $75

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