Learn how to paint watercolor hearts with 3 different techniques for beginners + my list of favourite materials & tools!

How to paint watercolor hearts


Today I’m showing you 3 different ways to paint watercolor hearts.

As you know from my previous tutorials, I paint without drawing or sketching first. It’s a great way to lose the fear to watercolors, just play around with the brush and embrace any texture that comes for its uniqueness.

Ready? Here you have the tutorial:


My favorite watercolor pigments are from the brand Winsor & Newton, and for brushes I use a variety of brands but my favorite ones are the round brushes with mixed fibers and the water brushes.

You can download for free a list of my favorite materials and tools for watercolor painting here. Simply add your name and email and I’ll send you the list right now!

Before you go... it's free!

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