I just finished reading The One Thing book and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.

The One Thing Book Review for Productivity

I just finished reading The One Thing book and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.

I will be forever grateful to the people from The Happy Boss Club who recommended me this book. At that time I was in Malaysia and I tried to buy it there, but they did not have any copy 🙁

I ended up buying another book and it wasn’t until a couple of months later that I remembered the title and decided to buy The One Thing on Amazon. I was on the way to buy other books so I felt it was the perfect time to ship them all together 🙂

Now I must say “Oh my!”, I wish I had read it before! It’s the perfect book for people like me, who feel overwhelmed by never-ending to-do lists and don’t know how to focus on one thing.

I tend to feel excited about so many ideas + I’m always (let me correct that and say “I was always”) putting others first.

Now, this last thing (the fact of putting myself first) has been a major change for me, and although the book could have had something to do with it, the change came before thanks to other mindset work I’ve been doing 🙂

But coming back to The One Thing Book: as I was saying, it’s ideal if you find yourself prioritizing tasks just because others ask you to do them, or because they come to your mind at any time, or because you read an email, etc…

And it arrives the end of the day and you realize you haven’t moved a finger towards your goal, instead, you have been adding more and more things to your to-do list.

I was like this. I was feeling overwhelmed, especially days before a major change such as traveling to a new country or having a due date for a project…

And the worse is that I felt so overwhelmed that I ended up without motivation and energy to do anything. So those days instead of being more productive, they were procrastination power.

If The One Thing book has taught me something (I have learned tons of things but let’s chose one) it’s been that saying NO is not only good and important, it’s necessary! 

By saying NO to other things, you are committing to your One Thing, which when you read the book will understand it can be anything and it can be changing all the time. You can have a One Thing for Today, another one for Right Now, another one for This Week, etc etc…
And if you connect them all together to your ultimate life goal (or if you don’t want to be so idealistic and just stick to your yearly goal) you will really move faster and end up achieving anything you desire.

So, to recap, if you feel you struggle to know what to do, how to achieve your goals and how to focus in one thing, the book “The One Thing” is a must read for you 🙂

Here you have the link to Amazon in case you are ready to change your productivity forever.

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