Online Business Accelerator Bundle

Deadline to apply: May 3, 2023 at 7pm CET


bundle details

  • Selling price: $47
  • 65% affiliate commission for you ($30.55 per referral)
  • From May 31, 2023 at 9am CET
  • Until June 6, 2023 at 7pm CET
  • 1 month to sign up for offers
This bundle wants to serve as a toolkit for entrepreneurs who are struggling with beginner business problems.

They are very talented and confident in their skills/knowledge but need help with monetizing their talents (strategy, marketing, SEO, web design, email, mindset…)


for them

Once applied everything included in the bundle they will no longer have beginner issues and will be ready for growth.

I will run complementary implementation sessions to give them the accountability and push they need to take action.

for you

You will be known as the go-to expert on your field. The aim is that they become your fans and loyal paying customers after trying your amazing offer.

Let’s turn the not-so-ready people in our audiences into ideal customers!

What makes this bundle different

  • It will only include ONE offer for each topic, so that bundle customers know you as the expert on that field.
  • Less is more: offers will be consciously curated to not overwhelm the users and encourage them to join most of the offers if not all.
  • Implementation: I’m including complementary implementation sessions with me, to encourage customers to take action and use your offers. You are welcome to join me on a live Q&A if you want.

I'm looking for

✅ Short trainings (1-2h of watch time and clear implementation guidelines)

✅ Templates and swipe files

✅ Step by step guides



  • Your offer must be something you have for sale, it can’t be a freebie.
  • You can submit new offers as long as you have them published for sale by May 3, 2023 and ready to consume.
  • The redemption link must NOT request their payment details.
  • You can add upsells/add-ons/tripwires.

contributors will receive

  • Free access to the bundle.
  • Swipe copy and graphics to make the promotion as easy as possible for you.
  • 65% affiliate commission for each customer you refer ( that’s $30.55 for sale).
  • Opportunity to join me in a Live Q&A to connect further with your new students.

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