Today I'm coming with a very personal video to share with your my morning ritual routine to have a happy day.

Morning Ritual for Happy Days

Today I’m coming with a very personal video to share with your my morning ritual routine to have a happy day.

It took me a while to arrive to these exact steps, and I recommend you to try different things to see which ones resonate with you. We are all unique and we need unique rituals 🙂

You can download the free workbook here:

Today I'm coming with a very personal video to share with your my morning ritual routine to have a happy day.

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In the video I explain all the things I do, but if you prefer to read, here you have it:

    1. Visualizations

      The first thing I do right after waking up is to decide what do I want to focus on and do a visualization to achieve that goal.

      Sometimes it will be around work, others around mindset, personal success, etc…

      The idea of the visualization is to allow yourself to connect with the feeling you want to have once you arrive to that point. So if you want to win an award, picture yourself receiving it and celebrating it. Put yourself in the movie and live it, don’t watch it from outside.

    2. Journaling

      There’s not much to say about journaling. I don’t think there’s any rule or correct way to do it. Just open yourself and throw all your thought in a paper. For me it helps me get clarity and stop messing around with my thoughts.

    3. Morning gratitude

      This is one of those exercices that might sound stupid or unnecessary to many people, but that when you start trying it you really feel how powerful they are. Pick 3 things you are grateful for this morning and write them down in paper, don’t just think about them. Sometimes I even do a short visualisation to feel that gratitude with all it’s power.

    4. Goals & Focus

      Each morning I connect with my goals. It can be my life goal, my yearly goal or my daily goal. Whatever you want to focus on today, write it down and be clear on the things that can help you achieve that goal, which will become your focus tasks. If you find it hard to focus in one thing, I recommend you to watch my video about the book “The One Thing” and read the book. It has helped me a lot!

    5. Plan

      After reminding my goal and my targets for today, I schedule the tasks and plan my morning in blocks of 30min (like that I can work with Pomodoros).

    6. Positive Statements

      The more you work on your mindset, the more limiting believes you will discover in yourself. Every time I discover a new one I make a list of positive statements to repeat them until I believe them to unblock the limiting believe.

    7. Happy Song

      I know that after listening to a happy song and dancing as if there was no tomorrow makes me smile and connect with my deepest happiness, so if you feel the same with this or with other actions, do that every morning and you will see how your day starts with the best energy!

    You can download a workbook to put all this in practice here:

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