The 5 minute rule is the perfect solution to stop procrastinating.

How To Stop Procrastinating? Use This 5-Minute Rule

The 5 minute rule is the perfect solution to stop procrastinating.

But first, let me be clear: If you follow my Productivity Boss program you will discover how procrastination can be something positive. This exercise is only for those who aren’t yet discovering the AHA solutions to be more productive in a healthier way.

So, are you surfing the Internet instead of making that annoying call? Or do you have clients waiting for you to reply endless emails? Or can’t you find a moment to even do the dishes?

Don’t worry, not everything is bad… You did something great: Opening this post!

I’ve been there before, and sometimes I’m still there. Sometimes I use this technique, other times I find my way out of procrastination with other solutions (you will discover them when you become a Productivity Boss) and many other times I reward myself with procrastination!

But today the question is: How To Stop Procrastinating Right Now?
And my answer is: Try This 5-Minute Rule

The 5-Minute Rule works like this:

Work only 5 minutes in one task that you are avoiding to do. Only 5 minutes. You can even use a timer for it.
You may think I’m crazy. Most of the things you need to do take much more than 5 minutes, right? Then why am I telling you to ONLY work 5 minutes on it? I will not have time to do anything, is not worth it… You may think.
Give it a try and you will see.

The 5 minute rule is the perfect solution when you find yourself procrastinating.

There are plenty of reasons why you are not doing those tasks: sounds hard, you are lazy, you don’t feel motivated, it requires you to solve problems that you don’t know how to fix, it will take many hours of work,…

But the main reason why you are not starting those tasks is because starting is the hardest part. Opening the email and reading it or unzipping the bag from your last trip to start taking clothes out are your barriers.

Starting is the barrier to doing.

With the 5 minute rule you will finally start.

The 5 minute rule is the perfect solution when you find yourself procrastinating.

And this will give you lots of confidence:

– You will be surprised to see that you get much more done than you expected.
– You will feel awesome to finally stop procrastinating and start working on that.
– You will have confidence to give you 5 minutes more, or even 10 or 20!
– Tomorrow you will do it again and it will be way easier.

So please do this right now:

1. Comment below what task you are gonna start with the 5-minute rule.
2. Go ahead and do it!
3. Come back here and comment again letting us know your results!

Don’t skip the comments because by committing here you will have more motivation to really do it.
Plus, I’ll be able to give you my support!!

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