Discover the similitudes between getting new clients and making Christmas gifts. You will be surprised!! + free course to know your clients better than they know themselves ;)

Getting new clients is like making Christmas gifts

Discover how getting new clients is like making Christmas gifts! In this blog post, I’m explaining all the similitudes between both processes and how beneficial it can be for your business if you follow these steps 🙂

Two days ago I was sitting on a bus in Sri Lanka and thinking about Christmas. This year will be my first Christmas without family, gifts, traditional meals, etc… And I’m kind of nostalgic!

I love making gifts, it’s something I really enjoy because the reward of seeing someone happy thanks to what you’ve done for them is amazing.
But is true that other times I get lazy or lose the track of time and end up making what I like to call a “checklist gift”.

And you may be wondering why the hell I’m talking about Christmas gifts here on the blog, right?

Well, the thing is that the other day on that bus I found out how similar it is getting new clients to making Christmas gifts!

Wait, what?
Yes, my friend… I truly believe that making Christmas gifts is like getting new clients, and here you have why:

1. The similitude between getting new clients & making Christmas gifts

1.1. Same objective:

When we think about Christmas gifts the objective is clear: to make someone happy. It can either be by giving them a surprise, by helping them with something they’ve been struggling, by giving them something they really wish… But the goal is the same: happiness.

Also, if we go beyond that, we can say that there’s a selfish goal behind gifts too, which is to feel well with ourselves, to get gratitude from the others, to get their love back, to be happy because we see them happy…
And that’s exactly what I feel every time I work with a client in Heartmade or share a new tutorial with you!

I like to think that I’m using my skills and creativity to make you happier. My goal is to see my clients happy with their new brands or websites, to help people who want to be their own designers by teaching them all I know, and to give you what you really wish: a memorable brand.

So as I said, the objectives are the same. When we do Christmas gifts we want to make people happy and receive their love back, and when we get new clients we want to make them happy and get nice reviews from them.

1.2. Same process:
Another common point is the process we follow. Either if we do it well or if we do it wrong (more on that later), we follow the same steps.

For example, let’s think about the best gift you ever received: how did you feel?
I guess you thought “they really read my mind”, “this person really knows me”, “they care about me”, “I’m so lucky to have someone like that in my life”, “she/he made my dreams come true”, etc…

That’s what you want your clients to say too, right?

So to achieve this results the process is the same.
– You first think about the current situation & state the level of relationship (you don’t do the same kind of gifts to your couple or mother as you do to the girlfriend of your cousin, right?)
– Then you put your Sherlock Holmes hat and start investigating what this person likes, what she wishes, what she needs…
– From there, you decide what you can do to make her happy. In other words, you choose your gift or you create your products/services.
– Finally, you wrap it up the best way possible. You choose a nice paper according to their taste, you tag it with a personalized message… Or you do a nice packaging for your product, you design your website with attractive graphics for them, you use a language they understand and they can feel identified to…

You see? Same process!!!
And what’s the key to it?
Knowing your clients (or person who you want to do a gift) better than they know themselves!

I have a free course in which I give you all the details and explain how you can know your clients better than they know themselves. You can sign up for free here:


1.3. Same rewards:

Finally, the rewards are also the same.
As I mentioned before, if you do it well, you will get a nice smile back, tons of compliments, thanks, and your self-esteem will blow up.
And there’s more!

If your clients are happy with the overall experience of working with you, they will totally recommend you to anyone who needs your services or products and you will keep getting new clients from referrals!

Same happens with gifts: every time someone asks where they got that from they will talk about you. The next time they feel like making you a gift will remember how great was yours and will definitely try to do the same for you!
In both cases, you will feel loved long after you made them happy. They will not forget you, you will become memorable.

Not sure how to do it well?

Sign up here for my free course on how to know your clients better than they know themselves!

It’s hard work to get the perfect gift idea, same as it’s hard work to create a memorable brand, but once you’ve done it, the rewards have no price!

But hey, this only happens if you do it well. Most of the people tend to get lazy or don’t really understand the benefits of doing things well, which leads them into giving anything just to feel they’ve done the job, or designing their brands with a nice but not special branding that will not attract their ideal clients.

2. What happens when you do it wrong

The wrong way to do it is by thinking more about you than about them. We’ve all received that kind of gifts that instead of making us happy make us even sad…

I remember that at school we used to play the “invisible friend”. We were more than 30 kids at class, and we had to pick a paper with a random name and make a gift to that person.

As I said, I love making gifts so it was a challenge for me to get to know better that person (secretly, because they could not discover my identity) and make a gift they loved. But I tend to receive the wrong gifts. Two years in a row I got a teddy bear (and I was already in high school!). Of course, they did not mention to hurt me, but they did. They made me feel not special enough to care about what I love.

Receiving general gifts like a common perfume, a teddy bear or a candle is like treating your potential clients as mass consumers.

You need to let them know you care about them, you need to show them they are special to you and you recognize their uniqueness.

If you have a general logo, a simple website and you just share your products all over your social media, people will end up feeling you only care about you and they will not want to become your clients.
Instead, if you design your branding thinking what they like (not what do you like), if you create new products or services based on their needs (not what you like to do), then they will think “this brand is the best”!!

3. What happens when you do it right (and how to do it well)

So now you know what happens when you do it wrong and what can happen when you do it right.
But how exactly can you do it right?
Here you have a recap of the process:

3.1. Define the relationship:
Start by making two groups: cold relationships and warm/hot relationships.

In online marketing, they use the same terms, and it’s very easy to understand. When you have a cold relationship, it means you barely know each other so you need to be more careful with what you give/offer and you need to work harder to convince them that you are what they need.
In business, cold people will be new subscribers to your newsletters or social media followers. On the other hand, warm and hot people will be past clients or people who have already shown interest in your products/services.

3.2. Investigate:
Now is time to investigate what do they need, what do they crave and what do they like.

When you are making gifts you think “he likes to hike in nature”, and then you investigate if they need some special gear, or maybe you get them a hotel night near a nice mountain, etc…
So with clients has to be the same: what is their current situation? What do they want the most? What do they need? What other brands they follow and why?
I go into more detail in my free course about knowing your ideal clients better than they know themselves. Join it here and I’ll send you all the details:


3.3. Be unique:

Now that you have defined your relationship and you know what will make this person happy, it’s time to find a unique offer! Don’t give them what everyone else is doing.

For example, I don’t want to offer only logo design to my clients because I know they need much more than a logo.

So although many people don’t know yet how important is their branding to attract their ideal clients and they think they only need a nice logo and some colors + corporate fonts, I always explain them the benefits and do the whole branding for them. Offering them what they really need (even though sometimes they still don’t know they need it) will make them happier. During the design process, I make them a personalized strategy, I give them tips and recommend them tools or action steps depending on their unique situation.
When you know your ideal clients better than they know themselves (and you can do this joining my free course here) then ideas come easily and you can be sure that they will love everything you create.

3.4. Surprise:
The same as you wrap your gifts and make them look beautiful and exciting even before discovering what’s inside, you want to give the same experience to your clients.
From the first moment they find your brand, they need to fall in love with it. This means having a strong branding (which means much more than a logo).

Having a strong branding will mean that you will have a unique voice, a unique way of writing your texts & captions, a unique design style, a unique customer experience, a unique packaging, a unique social media feed… And all of it will be designed especially for your ideal clients, not for you or your brand. You and your brand are the offers, the gift inside the nice box. But without the nice box, they might not feel tempted even to open it!!

So that’s all I think about the similitude between getting new clients and making Christmas gifts. Crazy post, right? haha

Hope you liked it and please let me know in the comments below:

What’s been your biggest AHA from this post?

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