Easy Levels and Curves Photoshop Tutorial

This week I’m coming with a video tutorial requested by Kim on my Youtube channel. She asked me “would you please guide on how to use level and curve since these are so scary to use, really complicated.”

I hope with this easy levels and curves Photoshop tutorial you find it less scary and more fun to use those tools to edit your images. I honestly can’t live without levels and curves, so even if I’m not planning to edit a photo or drawing, at least I’ll apply these two effects to add a little bit more of contrast and brightness to the image 🙂

This is how I do it:

As you can see in the video tutorial, I love using levels and curves to brighten my images and saturate the colors, but you can achieve any effect you wish:

You can edit the intensity of the black, white and grey shades of your image and you can also edit each color channel independently.

Remember to practice by using intelligent layers, like that you can always go back and edit them again if needed. That’s the best solution to stop feeling afraid to use them!

I hope you like this tutorial and as always, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel here and leave your comments and requests so that I can make a video tutorial for you too 🙂

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