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Digital Product Empire

During 12 weeks we’ll commit together to create new digital products consistently and upload them for sale.

The goal is that in 3 months you can look at your online stores and feel proud of the products you have there + start to get passive income sales even if you stop creating products for a while. Smart working now, profit later 👏.

What's included:

2 tiers to choose

$ 750 or $275 x 3 months
  • 2 x 1:1 private calls
  • Weekly group Q&A sessions
  • Weekly private office hours
  • Weekly co-working hours
  • Online trainings worth $600+
$ 900 or 3 payments
($425 + 2 x $275)
  • 2 x 1:1 private calls
  • Weekly group Q&A sessions
  • Weekly private office hours
  • Weekly co-working hours
  • Online trainings worth $600+
  • Help with outsourcing
  • 4h of done-for-you work

When you join, you get lifetime access to all these trainings:

How to start creating digital products and choosing the right platforms for you. It includes an in depth-analysis and comparison between all the platforms and marketplaces I’ve tried over the past 6 years.

Everything you need to know if you plan to start with Etsy. This marketplace is an easy start point, but it’s not really though for digital products. In this training you’ll learn how to adapt and take the most of it.

If you work from home, this training is for you! I’m teaching all the techniques I use to focus, be productive and organise all my tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

Learn how to start delegating and how to find the right person for you. I started with a budget of $10/hour and no commitment for repeating payments, and I’ll teach you how to do the same too!

This is a training about non-conventional marketing techniques. Things that I’ve tried and have worked even though I wasn’t following the guru’s advice.

The title says it all: learn how to get published for free in magazines and blogs that will promote your products and increase your reputation!

what past members are saying...

Not sure if this is right for you?

I’ll be happy to hop on a 1:1 private call with you to answer any questions you may have and analyse together if this program is the right fit for you.

❤️ Listen to this happy DPE member ❤️

Karen Burke, DPE member

Here's what will happen if you join:

We’ll hop on a private 1:1 call to brainstorm, design a strategy and decide together what type of product is the best for you to focus on + how much time you can dedicate to it weekly (it can be as little as 2h/week).

We’ll work on the foundations. This will require more than 2h of work, but you can split the work in multiple weeks if you need to. Keep in mind that the sooner you sort this out, the sooner you’ll start creating – but again this is a program thought for busy people like me, so I want to keep it to the minimum amount of work possible and always adapt it to your needs.

We’ll test your products. The fun part starts! Let’s get creative 👏

Remember that every week I’ll be here to answer any questions you have, give you feedback and adapt the strategy to your unique situation and goals.

Systems!! Let’s batch everything we can, create templates and automations to help you create faster.

If you are ready, I can also help you start outsourcing. I’ll help you realise what’s best for you to delegate and I’ll introduce you to my VA so she can do it for you.

Grow: once all of that is set up, you can simply create and repeat. Every time you’ll create new products faster and faster. It’s key that once you arrive here you don’t stop. You want to get enough momentum for your products to start making consistent sales.

And once you join, you will feel like this ⤵️

Rozlyn Warren, DPE member

This program is for you if...

let a past member tell you too...

the digital product empire includes

💻 Private

2 private calls: We will meet in a video call to help you plan your strategy to your skills, implement everything correctly and make it doable in the time you have free.


You will have the opportunity to ask questions in group weekly calls and submit your products for me to review and give you feedback.

☑️ Step by step system

I already have it mapped out, and I’ll give you the instructions every week on what to work next so you can simply focus in the ACTION part.

⏰ Co-working sessions

Once a week you’ll be able to join a co-working hour. I’ll set up a timer, we’ll concentrate on a specific task, and you’ll also be able to ask me questions during the process.

🤳 office hours (private chats)

Every Thursday I’ll be available all day to privately chat with you. My availability times fit at least a few day hours in all time zones.

👯‍♀️ creative

You’ll be part of a group with other creatives from around the world. It’s very inspiring to see what others create and who knows, maybe you meet new friends!

📚 trainings & courses

Just for joining you’ll get immediate access to all the trainings explained before, and you’ll keep lifetime access so you can check them even when your time in this program ends.

💌 weekly accountability

Every week I’ll send you an email asking what you’ve been working on and I’ll keep track of your progress. I promise to not be pushy, but I’ll be there to remind you your goals!

Happy DPE members

frequently asked questions

The good thing about this program is that I’ll help you adapt it to your schedule and availability!

If you can commit to work at least 2 hours a week, you can totally make it!

Julie is a great example: she did it with a super tight schedule and although some weeks she wasn’t able to do anything, she managed to create several books and journals during her free time.


Part of the program is to help you get ideas of products to sell. 

In our first 1:1 call I’ll help your brainstorm and decide what would be the best in your particular case.

We have members who are not artists either. They create new designs by purchasing art with commercial license and then re-sell it with a new purpose. 

I understand it’s difficult to plan 3 months in advance, and I’m always open to the idea of unexpected things coming in. Everything we can we’ll plan it ahead of time (holidays, for example) and make it work. The rest we’ll see depending on the situation. But the overall strategy you will learn will still be there after your break 😉

I’ve tested a good variety of products myself:

– Seamless patterns (both vector and raster with my watercolors)
– Clip art kits
– Photo mockups
– Logo templates
– Printable art
– Printable templates
– Printable calendars, journals, etc…
– Physical products like clothing and stationery – produced and delivered by POD (print on demand) platforms
– SVG cut files
– Desktop and phone wallpapers
– Stock photography


And I’ve also helped other creatives with things I wasn’t experienced with, like:

– Amazon self publishing books (KDP)
– POD products through Etsy
– Scrapbook papers
– Embroidery patterns
– Colouring pages
– Canva templates
– 3D mockups
– Social media templates


Other things you can create and I’ll be happy to help you with are:

– Specific app templates (think about newsletter design/layout templates for CK, or Dubsado proposal templates, …)
– Website themes and templates for WordPress (or Elementor, Divi…), Squarespace, Webflow…
– …


Do you have an idea but are not sure if it’s the right fit for this program? Feel free to write me at claudia@heartmade.es or book a free chat with me here so we can talk through it.

Great! You can email me to claudia@heartmade.es and I’ll be happy to chat with you.

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