digital product mentoring day

Get access to me for a full day through Voxer (a walkie-talkie app) to work on your digital product business!


I’ll be available for you from 9:30AM until 8:30PM (CET Barcelona time).

That way you will get at least a few hours, no matter where you live. 

Investment: $100

what can I help you with?

Take it as an intensive day to work and dedicate to your online business. 

I’ll help you move forward and reach your goal turning any doubt and hesitation into clarity and simple action steps when needed.

These are some examples of what I’ve worked in past sessions:

– Product creation feedback.

– Guidance to choose the best products and/or platforms to sell.

– Guidance to create a cohesive and attractive portfolio.

– Help staying focused.

– Email marketing strategy.

– Technical tips.

what happy clients are saying...

Today I completed a day of mentoring with Claudia that exceeded my expectations.

At the beginning of the day I was feeling so overwhelmed by my options and confused about how to start. After outlining my overall goal, which I do have clear, Claudia helped me, step by step, to make progress.


By giving me a starting point it helped me to make progress quite quickly, despite the fact that I had to learn many new things along the way.

Having Claudia just a phone call away throughout the day was a lifesaver. I supplemented the one-on-one help with using information from videos of previous courses that I had taken with her – now I was putting into practice what she had taught previously and things started to fall into place.


I would highly recommend one to one training with Claudia. She is very kind and patient and never once made me feel inadequate for my lack of abilities, I really felt like the day was geared to helping me make progress towards my goal and I am surprised at the progress that I have made in so many directions.


Sometimes what we need is someone who understands the way to go so well, though their own experiences, that they can clearly outline it, with confidence, for someone else, Claudia has proved to be that person for me.

Christina Mitchell

the details

  • When you decide to start: You can share with me your goal & plan for the day or if you are not sure, we can talk about it and decide together.
  • During the day, you can ask me any questions that come up to you and I’ll help you take decisions, give feedback and focus on what we planned at the beginning.


  • I’ll be available from 9.30AM to 8:30PM (CET). 
  • You don’t need to work during those specific hours, neither during all the hours. 
  • If you start before, you can send me your questions before the starting time and I’ll reply when I start.

Ready? book your day here:

I can highly recommend a Voxer session with Claudia. With her expert advice, I was able to complete a protracted project, the same day. The Voxer app is easy to use and is an ideal medium for creative mentoring. 


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Claudia, found it highly productive. I can’t thank her enough! 

Carrie L