Digital Product Examples - Alumni Portfolio from the Beginners' Guide to Passive Income

Digital Product Examples

Alumni Portfolio from the Beginners' Guide to Passive Income

Alumni Portfolio from the Beginners' Guide to Passive Income

YAAAAY! I’m super happy to share with you the different products that my course studetns (from the Beginners’ Guide to Passive Income) have created during the past weeks.


Just to give you a background of what happened: I offered a 3 week intensive extra help to all my students (for free) to help them start 2021 with new digital products to sell online.


It was super fun. During these 3 weeks we had both groupal and private conversations. It was great for me to know my students better, understand their unique and particular situation and guide them with a custom strategy to get a new collection of products out there.

They also found it super helpful, as you can see in this comment here:

"These 3 weeks have been incredible! I have learnt so much and feel more prepared to show my work, more focused in what I am creating and motivated to continue! Although I still have 1001 ideas, I can now put them on pause, and continue my process, knowing that every 30 minutes are important and packs of 5 are a great number! 😊 Claudia´s guidance, experience and help have been precious! Thank you so much Claudia!!!"
susanne silva - illustrator at Bonequitos
Susanne Silva

The goal was to launch a new collection of products. Some of them were starting from scratch and others had already been selling digital products for a while.

In both cases we decided together what would be the best type of product to create and which platform to use for sale.


It wasn’t an easy goal, and even though many of them had their own full-time job, 6 students reached the goal in less than 3 weeks! That’s why I’m writing this today, to share their amazing product creations and to show you too the different kinds of digital products they created. We have examples from photographers, illustrators and even a beadwork designer!


Anna is one of the students who already had digital products for sale. Her illustrations are super cute. I already told her how much I love her style, but I want to say it out loud here too 😉. She used the extra help I was offering on the Begginers’ Guide to Passive Income to start turning her patterns into other types of products. Just for the record, I have two other courses which you can purchase as bundle or separately, that teach exactly how to do that: sell clipart kits from your illustrations and sell patterns from the same illustrations. Basically, multiply the benefits you can make from one single illustration by selling multiple product types.


Here you have the links to Anna’s creations and a little bit more about her and her work:

Hello, I am Anna. I live in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. My aim is create cute and fun designs, mainly seamless repeat patterns. I have recently opened a Spoonflower and Fashion Formula shop and have several stock site portfolios. I hope my designs make you smile.

I am inspired by animals, nature and am a sucker for a cute geometric pattern!

Pattern designs (digital product):

Pattern designs (printed fabric):

Bundle kits with clipart illustrations + patterns:

Christina Mitchell Designs

Christina was also featured in another video I did a few months ago showing the products that my students created during my class. I’m super proud of her and her work. We also had an extra 1:1 private session together in which I guided her in the creation of the clipart packages.

This is her opinion of that 1:1 intensive coworking day:

"Today I completed a day of mentoring with Claudia that exceeded my expectations. At the beginning of the day I was feeling so overwhelmed by my options and confused about how to start. After outlining my overall goal, which I do have clear, Claudia helped me, step by step, to make progress. By giving me a starting point it helped me to make progress quite quickly, despite the fact that I had to learn many new things along the way. Having Claudia just a phone call away throughout the day was a lifesaver. I supplemented the one-on-one help with using information from videos of previous courses that I had taken with her - now I was putting into practice what she had taught previously and things started to fall into place. I would highly recommend one to one training with Claudia. She is very kind and patient and never once made me feel inadequate for my lack of abilities, I really felt like the day was geared to helping me make progress towards my goal and I am surprised at the progress that I have made in so many directions. Sometimes what we need is someone who understands the way to go so well, though their own experiences, that they can clearly outline it, with confidence, for someone else, Claudia has proved to be that person for me."
Christina Mitchell

If you ever need some extra help too, feel free to book an intensive day with me here. I’ll be happy to help you move forward!


So as you will see in the following links, Christina has lots of marketplaces open right now. She sells printed products with her designs through Contrado, Redbubble and her website, and she has started to create a second portfolio to sell kits of cliparts too.

Here you have all the info:

I am originally from UK but for the last eleven years I have lived in Nicaragua with my husband. For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed art and craft and designing my own clothes (starting with doll’s clothes). In 2015 I discovered POD and realised I could design my own repeat patterns for material and shortly afterwards I started designing patterns for household products too, initially for our own home, but also for gifts. Recently I have started offering these designs for others to buy.

I love the fluid, random nature of watercolours. They often feature in my work, which takes inspiration from my tropical garden here in Nicaragua and the small olive grove and cottage we have in Spain. Living most of my life close to the countryside has always provided me with plenty of ideas. It also comes from my love of crafts, especially ones like lace, crochet, embroidery etc. I sell from various platforms, and my designs can be found on material, household products and accessories and recently as clipart png. files.

Clipart files:

Products printed with Christina’s designs:

Bonequitos - Susanne da Silva

If there was a “student of the month badge” would had gone to Susanne… I hope nobody feels jealous, I love all my students at equally, but she joined the course two weeks in (meaning she only had 1 week to implement everything) and even though she couldn’t work full time to it, I could really feel her passion and motivation to get the goal done by the deadline. And she did!!! So HURRAY for Susanne!


When I first saw her work I was super happy to have someone with an educational approach. It was new to my students group and I know it’s becoming a trend lately because in many countries kids can’t go to school during lockdown.

We decided in our 1:1 intro call that she would focus on creating printable coloring pages for kids. She had already been creating them for her own kid, but she went beyond the stardard coloring page and created a kit in which you can cut and paste different pieces to create a unique illustration each time. Isn’t that fun?

You can check it all here:

Bonequitos - Susanne da Silva

I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Portugal. I love working with children and developing fun projects related with art, education and creativity for preschool and primary school stages.

When I see children draw and paint it is so inspiring and listening to the way they see the world is a great way to get ideas! Outlined drawings that can be completed and coloured, illustrations, and printable games are some of the products that I design for children.

Coloring pages:

Karen / Dev's Designs Detroit

Karen is the beadwork maker from the group.

I love helping other designers and illustrators like myself because I can help them avoid my own mistakes and give them tips to get results faster than I did, but it’s always exciting to have other creative areas in my student group too.


Karen was one of them. It was a pleasure helping her visualise the best way to turn her skills into digital products, together with deciding how and where to sell them. We thought the best way for her to start was to create and sell patterns to instruct other beadwork makers. She used a specific tool to create them and she designed the instructions in a PDF file to offer as instant download.


This is her profile:

Right now I am an engineer working for one of the US automotive companies. I am hoping to turn my beadwork into a business and blog.

My inspiration comes from nature, geometric shapes and my imagination.

Bead work patterns:

Dea Aujero - Nibspired Brush LLC

Dea is another student that I’ve met since the first launch of the Beginners’ Guide to Passive Income. It’s amazing to see her process and be able to help her during the journey 😊👏🏻.


You will see that her work includes a variety of products created from her watercolor paintings. From printable art to seamless pattern kits. And as in other examples, we can also find her illustrations printed in a huge variety of physical products.

You can meet her and her work here:

Dea Aujero - Nibspired Brush LLC

Nibspired Brush, LLC is my business from home in Sparks, NV USA. My love for watercolor and calligraphy was brought forth from staying home full-time by my three young beautiful children, whose imaginations continue to inspire me.

My artwork is basically a combination of hand lettering/calligraphy and watercolor paintings. I am inspired by colorful flowers, loose flowy paints or gestural technique, inspiring quotes, elegant craftmanship.

At the moment, I enjoy painting portraits, homes, loose florals and incorporating some script or italic lettering. I get really excited when I enhance or elevate my art to a digital output in anyway, patterns, home decor or paper prints.


Seamless patterns and illustrations as instant download:

Physical products printed with her illustrations:

Natural Awareness

Kirsten is a multipassionated creator like me. It was awesome to meet her and see how much she worked during those 3 weeks. If Susanne was the fastest one, Kirsten was definitely the most adventurous and ambitious. She is a ki aikido expert, a photographer, a lover of nature and has lots of experience in healthcare administration… Imagine the potential!


We chatted about all the possibilities and came up with 2 main ideas to focus on: selling her photographies in stock marketplaces, and selling guided meditations.


In the following lines youll find links to her photography products, but hopefully soon she will get her own teacher profile in meditation apps so we can all benefit from her talent 😊.

I’m Kirsten Welge, founder of Natural Awareness LLC. After over 13 years in healthcare administration to help people experience better health, I’m now training as a forest therapy guide. I also teach and practice wildlife tracking, meditation, and the peaceful Japanese art of ki aikido in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

My purpose is to help you come back to yourself and the world around you.

Wildlife tracking taught me to relax, slow down, and observe nature. My photographs are mostly drawn from my solo treks through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, a national treasure in northern Minnesota. Each one of these moments opened my eyes to the magic happening all around me, all the time — if only I’m paying attention.

My hope is that these images help you relax and connect to yourself, others, and nature within and all around us.

Direct Digital Downloads:

Shutterstock photos:



I hope all these digital product examples inspired you!

If you ever want to learn more about the Beginners’ Guide to Passive Income course and get extra 1:1 help from me like they did, you can get your opportunity with a $100 discount by subscribing to my free class “How to Make More Money as a Creative Online Without Working Harder or Being Famous”.

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