learn how to design your memorable brand

design your memorable brand

be your own graphic designer & free brand strategy

Easy, step-by-step lessons that teach you how to design a one-of-a-kind branding that attracts your ideal clients

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you are unique and so must be your branding

– You have a great idea and are super motivated to share your business with the world.

– You can’t wait to start sharing your creations and finally living your dream life.

– You want to have the best design for your brand, and you would love to do it yourself, but you are not a graphic designer.

– You want people to love everything you do.

– You want your brand to be memorable.

i have good news for you!

I can teach you my step-by-step process to embrace your uniqueness and design the best branding for your business even if you don’t know nothing about design!


design your memorable brand

You will be your own graphic designer & brand strategist.

Your brand will stand out from your competitors.

You will have much more than a logo & some corporate fonts.

You will have a unique voice.

You will have a branding that represents you and attracts your ideal clients.

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The course will start on January 15th, 2018 but if you pre-book it today you will have a personalized brand strategy call with me at no extra cost.
I have only 10 spots available for this offer, and it will only be free until December 15h.

Register Now for 97€!

Course starts on January 15th


I’m Claudia Orengo, a branding strategist especialized in graphic & web design. I’m passionate about fresh ideas, I’ve started several businesses by my own and I’ve helped many other creative minds with their projects.

I love sharing my knowledge with everyone. If we ever grab a coffee together you will see how I can’t stop sharing ideas and strategies!! I’ve been teaching for more than 10 years and I can’t wait to share with you all I know about creating a new brand!

Your tutorial is the best! I’ve been watching different kinds of pattern tutorial and I still haven’t got right until now after I saw yours it’s very easy to understand and now I tried it myself with my own design it worked hallelujah! Thanks very much!
Ann Edano, Youtube

who is this course for?

Creative entrepreneurs

Do you have creative ideas but don’t know how to transfer them into designs?
I will teach you the technicals!

artists & crafters

You have your own style and love creating with your hands, but need help with digital design?
Follow me, you’ll do great!


You are great sharing content, but your brand needs to be on the same level. With this course, you will become your own designer!

after taking this course…

Your brand will be remembered.

Your new copys, new posts & product ideas will be super easy to create.

You will know how to create exactly what your ideal clients are looking for.

You will know exactly where to find your ideal clients & how to connect with them.

Bloggers and magazines will be pleased to share your brand.

The course curriculum:

module 1

what makes me unique

The first thing we will do is finding what makes you and your business unique, to make your brand stand out from your competitors.

module 2

who is my ideal client

You need to know your ideal clients better than they know themselves in order to create a memorable brand for them.

module 3

brand strategy

We are gonna talk about finding your brand message and understanding where + how to connect with your ideal clients.

module 4

finding my style

It’s time to start adding design to your brand! I will help you find the best corporate fonts and colors that represent your brand uniqueness.

module 5

logo design

I’ll teach you how to design your own logo and all its variants (rectangle, square, circle, b&w, vector…)

module 6

wrapping it up

I’ll teach you the importance of using images in your branding, and we will save everything you created your own brand style book.

I love the way you explain complicated things! <3 I watched pattern videos the entire day and only after seeing yours I was finally able to understand why you have to click “this and that”. Also the Auto-select for Layer … priceless (for me at least :D)!

Irina Luchian, Youtube

Register Now for 97€!


When does the course start and finish?

You can start right now and do it at your own time! You will receive all the lessons and decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? Once you enroll you will have unlimited access to the course for as long as you like.

What is your refund policy on this course?

I can only think of two reasons:
1) You are too busy or overwhelmed with other work and want someone else to create the brand of your dreams: If you finally decide you don’t want to be your own designer, you have 15 days to switch to my branding service and I’ll discount you the course price from the branding service price.
2) You throw the towel and no longer want to start your online business: I’ll be super sad to hear that. I want you to take your dreams seriously and be motivated to pursue them, so I only want you to get this course if you are 100% sure you want to give your idea the care it deserves. To encourage you to follow your heart, I will not be accepting refunds for that reason.

I don’t know nothing about design, can you help me?

Sure! My tutorials will teach you all the basics you need to design your logo. For the rest of the branding, you will just need your creative mind, a pen and a paper 🙂

I’m already know how to design logos, can you help me?

This course is much more than a logo design. If you want to know how to find your strong points, how to embrace your uniqueness, how to know your clients more than they know themselves, how to directly talk to them in a way they totally engage, how to know when and where to find them, and how to make your brand stand out from your competitors, then the answer is YES! I can totally help you 🙂

What do I need to take this course?

You will need a computer with Photoshop & Illustrator installed (they have a free trial) and all your passion!

More questions?

Please send me your doubts at , I’ll be glad to help you!

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