Creative Digital Product Examples from my students

In case you don’t know it, I’m all about digital products and passive income: I create them, I sell them and I teach other artists and designers how to do the same. 


Today I want to share with you what the students of my trainings The Beginners’ Guide to Passive Income, Sell Digital Products on Etsy and my mentoring program The Digital Product Empire have done in the past weeks.

Karen - Atomic Dawn Design

I am currently an engineer by day, and creative by night. Digital creations are something that is a hobby right now, but I am hoping to eventually shift to creative work like this once it’s possible!
I love watercolor, and while I don’t actually paint myself, I love the aesthetic it creates. I am also a spiritual and outdoorsy person, so those themes tend to show a lot in the work I create. I make compositions from digital versions of other people’s art and work with a printing service to create clothing and other accessories for women.

Vivien's Creativity Lab

Hello! I’m a visual artist and teacher who helps other artists/crafters & creatives set up their very own creative biz.
Apart from my more traditional art, I also love creating digital art printables for other people to use in their home decor. In this series I’ve created (with Claudia’s help!) some quirky cute animal art printables to brighten up your home/childrens’ room or nursery.
Rebecca lives in Scotland, UK, and is influenced by her local surroundings, with a focus and passion for Paisleys, Art Nouveau and a loose, sketchy style which is striking and confident, often featuring a vibrant ‘maximalist’ palette.
Working in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Rebecca uses pen, ink, pencil, watercolour and digital mediums to create her unique motifs, patterns and illustrations for multiple end uses from art prints to wallpaper, fashion and home decor.
I’m Sheri Hall, a graphic designer of 30 years from Dallas, Texas. I am transitioning from doing custom 1-to-1 design work for clients to creating my own line of smart logo templates, social media templates and premium printables for new designers and non-designers who want to cut to the chase, save time and create some killer graphic design. When I’m not designing, I’m riding my bike with friends to patio margaritas and posting my colorful salty photos to Instagram. @sherihall
I’ve studied graphic design, typography and Adobe Illustrator for 30 years. My Etsy shop, Opulent Pixel Studio, is full of premium editable logo design templates (adding more all the time). My brand starter kits also include business card templates and simple brand guides. My 30 years as a professional designer has taught me that typography is the one game-changing skill that sets the pros apart from the wannabes. That’s why I’m on a mission to help design-curious VAs and small business owners master graphic design by unleashing the power of fonts and fine typography so they can stand out from the competition and grow their business. All of my design work incorporates high-end, professional fonts (no Google fonts here!) and I use them in smart, but simple ways to communicate the intended message.

Kamides by Katrin Graff

Just like many creatives, I have a variety of interests, but my main passion is watercolor painting, which I picked up again after the birth of my son in 2017. With the birth and maternity leave of my daughter in 2020, I turned my passion into a business. Like many creative mothers, I want to make an independent income from home, so that I can care for my children as well as earning money to support myself financially. In this past year I published 2 skillshare classes on watercolor painting, started selling patterns on spoonflower, started a shop on etsy, creative market and other platforms for my digital products. It has been a lot of work, but it was also fun turning my hobby into a business.

If you want to know more about me, you’ll find me on instagram @kamides_illu  or on my webpage  (which is a constant work in progress). 
So far all digital products I sell and classes I teach circle around my passion for watercolor painting. I sell watercolor cliparts on creative market, etsy and other platforms, I also sell printable art, desktop wallpapers and patterns (well, some of them are vector patterns). But I am sure in the coming years, I will find other products to produce and new mediums to explore.

Other stores:

Ohana Media & Design, LLC

Ohana Media & Design is a family operated business. Chris is the artist while I (Breanne) runs the business. We are from Kansas and working at making this our full time business after an accident left us realizing 80 hour work weeks for the rest of our lives wasn’t going to cut it.
Chris uses our kids Braden and Lizzie to take inspiration from. Selling small business use license SVGs, Sublimation, and 3D print files to help other crafters create a business of their own.
Other shop: 

from passion to business

for artists, designers, photographers, makers…

I’ve decided to recap my experience as a creative business owner to help you understand all the ways you can possibly make a living from your talents.

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