conversion design for sales pages

Apply these quick design tips to elevate your copy and help lazy customers see the most important information before purchasing. It will improve ideal client conversions and avoid disappointed clients who clearly didn’t read the sales page.

this class will help you to:


increase ideal client sales

by pointing out the most important information on your sales pages.


uplevel your copywriting

by using design tricks that visually attract the readers attention.


decrease refunds and Q’s

from customers who clearly didn’t read your sales page info.

Claudia Orengo - watercolor artist, online teacher and creativity coach and mentor for artists
I am a graphic designer and a watercolor artist from Barcelona, and I help other creatives make a living from their talents.

After receiving so many compliments for my sales pages (even from copy coaches) I decided to share my process with everyone. I believe that design does not mean making pretty things or having good taste, but instead finding the best graphic solution to a specific situation.

Oh, and following my tips is possible even if you are not a graphic designer and no matter what platform you use!

conversion design for sales pages

will teach you

"The best conversion copy can be completely undone by poor conversion design. I see sooo many sales pages let down by this.
Never Claudia’s.

Her sales copy is so carefully supported by design that directs your attention, makes decisions easy and helps the overall copy mission of persuasion – it sparks joy to my copywriter eyes.

Because copy just can’t convert well without great design."
Antoanela Safca, Copywriter and Copy Coach

This is perfect for:

  • Online Business Owners
  • Who design their own Sales Pages
  • even if they are Not Graphic Designers
  • No Matter with which Editable Web Platform
  • and want to make their content Easier to Read

Ready to improve your sales page conversion?


This is for you if you answer YES to ONE or more of these questions ⤵️

  • Have you ever received questions from customers asking for info that was already on your sales page?
  • Do you think your sales pages are boring or text is too long?
  • Do you get customers showing up to your trainings or programs not knowing what to expect?
  • Have you ever sent a post-launch customer survey to non-purchasers and identified ideal clients there who didn’t know that was exactly what they needed?

As soon as you get your ticket you’ll receive access to the training materials.

You can watch and apply what you’ll learn in an afternoon. 

The video content of this course is 40 minute long.

Tweaking your current sales pages should take you 1 hour or less for each, and creating new ones from scratch will become faster once you learn the foundations of conversion design.

Once you join, you get lifetime access!

Nothing more than a web editor that allows you to change fonts, text size and colors.

No problem! Write me at and I’ll happily answer it for you!

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