brainstorm & creativity session

if you know what you want but don’t really know how to get there or you need someone to help you get organised in a realistic way that fits your unique and personal life situation… I’m your girl!

After our call you will have new and inspiring ideas and a customised step-by-step strategy to follow.


During 1 hour we’ll brainstorm ideas for your brand or projects. I’ll also help you see what’s the most exciting and creative way to move forward. 

  • investment: $97
  • location: Voxer

past clients love it!

“Claudia´s 1:1 call is precious! I feel like I have moved forward and have worked in a more productive and clear way after receiving Claudia´s guidance and help. Claudia has the know-how and with one call, managed to show me what path could be the best, in a practical way, with simple steps, passion for the subject, and work. I will never be able to thank you enough Claudia!”

– Susanne da Silva

“Claudia was very helpful during our call, she had looked at my existing work and helped clarify for me future goals and steps to reach them.”

– Anna Kennedy

how does this work?

Just follow these simple steps:


Book your session in the calendar below.


Before our session I’ll need you to fill a quick questionnaire, so I can learn more about you, your business and your situation.


We’ll chat on Voxer through either text or voice messages.


When we finish our session I’ll wrap up for you the key points from our chat and email them to you, together with the call recording.

book your brainstorming session here:

who is this for?

– artists

– makers

– photographers

– designers

– creative business owners (no need to actually CREATE anything in your business, but you need to have a creative mindset and be open to try creative strategies)

Creative Business Owners

this may not be for you if…

– if you are looking for a done-for-you service. I’ll give you advice, tips and sometimes exercises to do, but I will not do the actual work for you.
– if you don’t have a business, nor plans to sell anything in the near future.
– if you already have a clear idea & plan to implement it and don’t want anyone to get involved.