How to write blog posts with good SEO ⋆

How to write blog posts with good SEO

My step by step to create new blog posts with good SEO + free printable SEO planner!

How to write blog posts with good SEO

My step by step to create new blog posts with good SEO

It’s been years since I started blogging, but it wasn’t until last year that I did it with a purpose. And today I want to explain my step by step to create blog posts, which as you may be guessing all goes around SEO.

Step 1: Decide my goal and main idea

I always follow a strategy. When I started blogging I just wrote when I wanted and about what I felt was interesting, but without having a purpose it was impossible to achieve any goals.
Now I always start by asking myself what do I want to achieve with that post.
Some weeks I just need to do an informational post, like the last one I did informing that I was launching my first online course about productivity.
Other times I want to do educational posts to show I’m expert on the field and I can help you create a good design or website for your business.
There are plenty of goals that you can find, but I recommend you to be clear on what do you want because it will help you a lot to create a good blog post.

Step 2: research relevant keywords

Once I know what I want and what I’ll write about I start researching. I do it in different places:
– Pinterest: I like to use the search bar in Pinterest and see what comes up. There I don’t only find ideas for keywords, but I can also see what others are saying about the same topic and how much competence there is.
– Google: I do the same as for Pinterest. I scan through the results and I try to know what can I do better.
Google Keyword Planner: even if you haven’t run any ads in Google, you need to use this tool. I recommend you to select the option “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category” and get inspired 🙂

Step 3: Sketching the blog content

Then, when I have my main keywords and my main goal, I start sketching my ideas. I designed a template and I have it printed many times, so I can use it anytime I have a new idea.
If you want to use the same template I do, just download it here for free:


free printable planner for good SEO posts

I don’t fill it in order. I start writing what I’m gonna talk about, what is the main SEO keyword, my educational goal or selling goal and if I’m planning to give any free content upgrade. I forget about the title and subtitle at this point.
I go ahead and write down my main ideas and I take notes to remember what I want to say in each paragraph.

Step 4: Writing

Here is when I can start really writing. I keep in mind my main keywords to repeat them in the most relevant places for SEO and I try to use synonyms to not overwhelm the content with the same words.

My step by step to create new blog posts with good SEO + free printable SEO planner!

Step 5: Images

While I write I notice parts that will need images to support my explanation or I have ideas to link back to other posts. Now that I have the content written it’s a good time to search for those images that will level up my blog post.
In this step I keep in mind SEO too. If you don’t know how to do it, you can read my SEO tips for images in this post I did some weeks ago.

Step 6: Title

Now that I have it all almost ready it’s easy to decide the best title for my post. I use the headline analyzer from Coschedule to make it as good as possible.

As you see, my step by step on creating blog posts does not follow a usual order. I don’t start by the title and write down, I start from the final goal and what do I want to give out and then I create following that direction.

I think I would be lost if I didn’t take the notes as I do, so if you don’t have a good place to write down all your ideas and be organized I really recommend you to download my template. I wish it helps you as much as it does to me 🙂

Download my free printable template to create new blog posts with good SEO

I also encourage you to share here any thoughts about this process and let me know if my template and tips were useful.


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