My biggest triumph after so many mistakes...

My biggest triumph after many mistakes

If you have been following me from the beginning of my freelance journey you already know that focus isn’t easy for me.
I decided I wanted to be a graphic designer when I was 15 and that’s been always my main job, but I’ve also “started” many other businesses during my creative journey.

Artisan soaps, pencil cases, hair accessories, bags & clutches, kimonos & other clothes, bow ties, woven wall hangings…

clutch design by Heartmade handmade soaps by heartmade

I am passionate about learning, especially when it involves working with my hands and creating new things. And that’s why I created Heartmade, to have a place where I could showcase all my creations.
But that was confusing for my audience and did not help my business to grow.

Although focusing is the key to success (and that’s what I teach in my free email course “Find Your Own Success”), my mistakes also taught me a lot:
Trying so many niches helped me grow personally and learn a lot about starting new businesses & selling online.
For instance, when I created my new line of purses I learned how to contact media to have free publicity and I got published in many magazines and blogs.
With my clothes collection, I had the opportunity to sell them in other shops and do showrooms.
With my watercolor paintings, I discovered the power & secrets of Instagram success.

So when back in September 2015 I wanted to start offering wedding invitations, I knew exactly what steps to do and what things I should avoid.
And that’s how Lovers Love Loving surpassed all my expectations.
I must say that we were an association of two at the beginning and that helped a lot to grow faster.

when back in September 2015 I wanted to start offering wedding invitations, I knew exactly what steps to do… Click To Tweet

watercolor wedding invitations by Lovers Love Loving

Personally, I was always having doubts about what to do with all my creations. Should I continue offering them all under the name of “Heartmade” or should I create different brands for each one?

With Lovers Love Loving I confirmed my suspicions: focus is always best.

By focusing on one thing at a time, I don’t confuse my potential customers and I get consistent… Click To Tweet

Now, if you visit or find my work through Instagram you have no doubt of what I’m offering: wedding invitations.

watercolor wedding invitations by Lovers Love Loving

This is a lit of the main benefits I get from focusing my business services:

1. It’s super easy for me to define my target and create thinking about them.
2. It’s not confusing. Everybody understands what’s Lovers Love Loving about.
3. It’s easier to have a strong branding.
4. I can focus on only one thing and don’t get distracted trying many different options or products.

And yes, all these benefits directly reflected in a growth of my income. By focusing on one thing at a time, I don’t confuse my potential customers and I get consistent with my work.

wedding invitations by Lovers Love Loving

And I have great news for you!

I’ve been working hard on explaining the step by step process with exercises and many examples of how I created Lovers Love Loving in a successful way. Plus, the same process is the one I use to design any new client branding that comes to my hands!

With my course “Design your memorable brand” you will be able to find success for your business too.

learn how to design your memorable brand

Sneak peek of what you will get:

6 modules with practical exercises, workbook, video-tutorials and many examples.

BONUS: 60 min personal call with me to work together on your 2018 strategy. (only for the first 10 students)

Your brand will be remembered.

Your new copys, new posts & product ideas will be super easy to create.

You will know how to create exactly what your ideal clients are looking for.

You will know exactly where to find your ideal clients & how to connect with them.

Bloggers and magazines will be pleased to share your brand.

Find out more

Course starts on January 15th

You have all the details here:

Focusing was my biggest triumph after many mistakes, and that’s why I applied the same concept to Heartmade. I deleted all about my handmade creations and now I just talk about branding, web design & online business success.

So, today I have two questions for you:

→ Do you think your brand is totally clear with what you do and what you offer?
→ Could you focus more to help your brand stand out and be remembered for its uniqueness?

Can’t wait to read your answers in the comments section!

And remember, I got you covered if you need help working on it with my amazing course”Design your memorable brand

learn how to design your memorable brand

Before you go... it's free!

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I want to help you find your butterflies (aka clients) and make your ideal clients fall in love with everything you do.

Ready to have an unforgettable brand?

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