These are my thoughts about Best Selling Products for Online Businesses:

Best Selling Products for Online Business Owners

Hi flower!

This week I’m talking about Best Selling Products for Online Businesses. I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately and I decided to do a video (my very first video recording myself talking…) to give you my advice and help for your online businesses.

So in this video I’m talking about:

  • The most incredible fact I discovered about best selling products online
  • How you can take advantage of that
  • How to not repeat my mistakes
  • How important they are for your branding

Ready? Here you have the video:

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Now, for the ones who like better reading than listening or watching…

1. There will always be a best seller:

I still feel impressed by this fact, but it keeps happening to me. The first time was when we created Heartmade Soaps. It was my first “serious” time opening an Etsy shop and what we enjoyed the most was creating the concept behind each collection.

Because I’m crazy about travels, I wanted to have a soap collection inspired by places around the world… And one of the products was a deep purple-fuchsia soap smelling like India.

We took an amazing photo of it and we designed the tag and the wrapping as we did for all the rest of our soaps.

And guess what? That product sold much more than any other! Why? I guess it’s because the photo was so bright and stunning that people felt tempted to smell that weird soap 🙂

My first best selling product was this handmade soap inspired by India

Then the second time I had an experience with a “best seller” product was when I quit my job and started creating handmade products again. At that moment I was learning how to sew, so I started with the basics: pencil cases.

I went to my favorite shop and found a fabric perfect for me: a colorful world map atlas.

I couldn’t do anything else than buying it (even though it was 5 times more expensive than the average fabric price).

Map pencil case by Heartmade - my best selling product online

Then I took also a great picture of the pencil case and two days before my birthday I made the first sale of my map pencil case. From there, things kept growing until years after when I was so bored of that product that I even did not wanted to renovate the item in Etsy to avoid dealing with sewing it again.

Yes, I know I should had hired someone to sew it for me but I’ve always been against stock…

Anyway, continuing with my examples of bestsellers: When I launched my kimono line, this two were the best sellers: they both are neutral and appealing to both men and women. I found other fabrics from the same collections and bought them to create new products and they sold perfectly too.

I could keep telling you examples, but I’m gonna try to make it quick because I don’t want to bore you with my stories…

You may be thinking this only happens with physical products but no… From my watercolor desktop wallpaper, there’s also a best seller: this one.

And from my wedding stationery suites too. Here you have it:

watercolor wedding invitations by Lovers Love Loving

And from my digital clip arts… this one:

So yes, that’s the first fact I wish I knew before starting selling products, because knowing that you can be clever and take advantage of the situation, which is the next point of my list.

2. Take advantage from your best sellers:

What I wish I would have done before, back in my Etsy days, is to create a full collection of products from my best selling map pencil case.

It’s not a mystery. Actually, all my friends, boyfriend and family kept telling me to do it and I kept ignoring them…


Because I was blind by my passion and creativity. I have a huge problem: I get tired of things very quickly. I’m always searching for new ideas, always want to try something new… And working on new products using the same fabric all over again was against my happiness.

Then few years after I discovered several brands doing what I was supposed to do. There was an infinity of products made from “my” best selling fabric.

But of course I don’t blame them. I admire them!

They were clever, they saw an opportunity and took advantage of it.

I couldn’t even prove that I started using the fabric before or think that they saw my success and tried to imitate it… Thinking like that would be so naif… The fabric was there, at the most famous fabric store in Barcelona, ready to buy and use.

So they had simply more success than me because they put their business before their hearts.

But hey! I’m not sad for that, I know myself and what I’m always ultimately looking for is my happiness… So I knew that in that moment creating new things with different fabrics was my happiness, and I chose that, and I’m happy for that 🙂

Buuuuut I still want to tell you that story because if you want to do things right, then I recommend you to not follow my steps. If I could talk with my self me 4 years ago I would tell me:

“Claudia, listen to everybody. Please find few hours and create 3-4 new products. You can enjoy it a lot! Think about designing new patterns, searching for the materials you need, getting inspired by styled photography… You will love it more than you think, come on! Let’s do it together!”

And actually, two or three years after I finally did it. I created an iPad sleeve, a clutch and a wallet from the same fabric. And guess what? I got featured in ELLE Magazine and many other magazines and blogs just for those products!

So yes, my friend… Listen to me and try to take advantage of your best selling products 😉

Now is your turn to take action:

Brainstorm and list ideas for new product creations following your best seller strongest points. It might be using the same fabric or design as I did with my pencil case, or it could be finding similar materials like I did with my kimonos, or just follow the same design style like I did with my wedding invitations.

Take your agenda or planner and find a spot to create 3 new products. Then take stunning pictures and share them with me! I can’t wait to see your new line 🙂

3. It’s all about the branding:

I can’t say this is a mistake I did because my designer veins always pushed me to do it… But I see many handmade & online businesses ignoring the fact that their brand must be as stunning and original as their products.

The best thing you can do is find out what’s making your best selling products so appealing to your clients and make it part of your branding.

I want you to understand that the most important thing in a brand is to know your ideal client, or (how I like to call him) your butterflies.

If you have no idea of what I’m talking about I recommend you to join my free course on how to find your ideal butterflies.

For me, you are like a plant. Your business is a flower and your clients are butterflies.

Are you ready to find more butterflies?

The first step is to know how well do you know your butterflies, and you can do it using my checklist.

Fill out this form and you’ll be ready to download my checklist!

Can’t wait to help you find more butterflies and bloom your business 🙂



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