Many clients have told me that they are in Pinterest but they don't know how to use it professionally. I totally get them, because I was in the same situation until I took a course and I discovered the magic of Pinterest. That's why Today I want to share with you 5 things you probably don't know about Pinterest:

5 things you don’t know about Pinterest

Many clients have told me that they are in Pinterest but they don’t know how to use it professionally. I totally get them, because I was in the same situation until I took a course and I discovered the magic of Pinterest. That’s why Today I want to share with you 5 things you probably don’t know about Pinterest:

1. It is not a social media, it’s a search engine

When I first discovered Pinterest back in 2010 I remember saying “I finally found a social media than I love”.
And how wrong I was… Not because it wasn’t the perfect place for me to hang around, no… But because Pinterest is not a social media, it’s a search engine!
Let me explain myself.
For those who don’t know what’s a search engine, the easy description is: Google. Google is the biggest search engine. His work consists in having a database with as many information as possible about the existing websites in order to show the best ones matching a certain word or sentence when someone types in their search box.
And Pinterest does the same. Plus, you can save the results and categorize them following your own rules!

So… Why is that an important fact? Well, because if you keep that in mind and provide Pinterest the right information, he will help you back. We all work (or should work) on SEO for our websites, but we also need to care about Pinterest SEO.
Good news is that they are connected. If you follow my tips in my “SEO for images” blog post, you will be doing the perfect job to make your images Pinterest friendly 😉

2. You can be found by new people without spending extra time and money

Picture yourself right now working from a tropical island, with reggae music at the background, a fresh fruit juice and the beach just 5 meters far from you.
That’s how I am writing right now. That’s in fact how I’ve been working for the past month from Indonesia.

I've been working from Indonesia for the past month, and while I was enjoying a fresh juice in front of the beach my Pinterest kept growing alone thanks to Boardbooster

I’m telling you this because although I haven’t continued working on as many things as before (I haven’t posted in the blog for a while and my last post in IG was two weeks ago…), Pinterest is one of the things that has continued working without me even caring about it.

I’m using Boardbooster to automate my pins. Every now and then I go into Pinterest and schedule some interesting images I find. But in moments like now when I can’t do that, I always have Boardbooster backing me up.

Isn’t it amazing?

3. It always keeps growing

Are you on Instagram? If so, this will sound familiar:
– It’s almost 9, my best hour to post Today.
– What should I post?
– Oh here I have it.
– Ok let’s do it quickly, this filter looks good.
– What should I write? Hm… This seems nice.
– Ok, hashtags… Yeah, got it!
– Post!
5 minutes later… Yeah! This picture is working well! Many likes, comments and followers!
5 hours later… Still someone gives me some love.
5 days later… Crickets.
5 years later… Crickets.

In Pinterest the story goes like this:
– Ok let’s share my new blog post to Pinterest.
– Click, description automatically added (check SEO for images to understand how) and posted!
5 minutes later… Probably crickets.
5 hours later… Maybe some re-pins.
5 days later… Wow, this is starting to grow!
5 years later… Every day more and more people keeps re-pining your post and this means more and more people clicking and visiting your website!

Here you have a screenshot from my Nelio Content Analytics. I recommend you to read my blog post about How to Write Blog Posts in Half Time to know more about this amazing WordPress Editorial Calendar called Nelio.
But for now let’s take a look at this image:

Nelio Content showed me the key of my best blog posts success: Pinterest!!

As you can see, my top three posts are How to design seamless patterns in Photoshop, which is a tutorial showing you how to design overall patterns for textile prints, wallpapers or any pattern application you may need; followed by 15 Motivational Quotes for Business Success and How to Create watercolor effects with Photoshop (another video tutorial).
Few weeks ago I started receiving new subscribers and comments to my Youtube channel every day, especially in the video teaching how to design patterns with Photoshop, but until I didn’t saw this analytics I did not understood why. The video and the blog post went life in February, and now 5 months after they seem to start to receive visits.
The answer? Look at the image how many pins this blog post has…
Pinterest is the answer!

4. You need to submit your website to rich pins

You must be thinking right now “I must pin more from my website”.

But not that fast, please.
Take a few moments to follow this easy instructions on how to set up rich pins, because that will make your website become “premium” in Pinterest eyes, which means that anything pinned from your domain will show up before other “normal” pins when people search for it in Pinterest.

I learnt everything I know about Pinterest thanks to Melyssa Griffin, so instead of repeating her own words I recommend you to follow her instructions to set rich pins:

5. Pinterest groups are the key to success

Last but not least, I want to tell you what I found to be the key to success in Pinterest: groups.
There are Pinterest groups for every niche, you just need to find yours. I recommend you to search in Pingroupie and apply to join for some groups. Then, regularly (or scheduling with Boardbooster) you can share in those groups pins from your website so that other people in the same niche re-pin them.

I created some Pinterest Group Boards for Creative Market, where me and other sellers from that platform can share our products and get more sales from Pinterest. If you are interested to join any of my groups, just let me know here:

That’s the fastest way to grow in Pinterest.

Hope you found these 5 facts interesting. I would love to hear about your opinion here in the comments section.

What’s your Pinterest profile and your niche?
What surprised you the most about this blog post?
Share it with us!

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