Although SEO is something you need to keep always in mind, there are other ways to get to the same goals, and these are the 5 alternatives to SEO that I want to share today with you:

5 Alternatives to SEO

First of all, let me be clear with this: I could not find a better word for it, but by using “alternatives” I don’t mean you should forget about SEO. Although SEO is something you need to keep always in mind, there are other ways to get to the same goals, and these are the 5 alternatives to SEO that I want to share today with you:

First, let’s wrap together the top 3 benefits of SEO:

– be found when people are searching for your product or services
– get more contacts
– increase sales

I’ve been asked a lot lately for help with SEO, and although I’m glad there’s people who cares about it and appreciates a good SEO work, I think it’s important to be clear with something: SEO is not the only solution.

SEO is great because is a free way to help your business increase its chances to be found on Google and other search engines, but it takes time and lots of work.

So, if you are looking for faster ways to boost your page in the search engine results, there are other possibilities. Today I want to share with you my favorite 5 alternatives to SEO, although as I already said is better to combine them and don’t forget about your keywords 🙂

Here you have my 5 alternatives to SEO:

1) Email marketing

This is a must. You need to build your email list and care about it even more than your social media followers. I will never be tired of repeating that emails have much more power than social media. I think I will write soon a post only about it…
But for now, let’s focus in the benefits of email marketing:
– you can contact directly your potential clients when you have something to offer, instead of waiting them to search for you in Google.
– if you offer them good content and support, they will remember you as an expert and will be pleased to choose you over your competition.
– you can create 1-to-1 relationships without even meeting in person.
– there are many free platforms to start.

2) Google Adwords

If your goal is to be the first one in Google Search results, go for it. Google Adwords is the best way to boost your page to the top of the list and increase your website visits in just minutes.
Some of its benefits are:
– you can be ranking number 1 in Google even if your website is super new.
– you will have visits from people who are already searching for businesses like yours.
– if you analyze your results, you can get very interesting data about your landing page and improve it to convert better.
– if you track your visitors with the Facebook pixel, you can do retargeting ads campaigns as I explained in my post about the 5 common mistakes in websites.
This isn’t a free option, but if you have a very good landing page or your products or services have a high margin, its definitely worth it.

3) Facebook & IG Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads are newer than Google ads, which means that prices are lower and you can get higher ROI (return on investment).
Some of its benefits are:
– you can target your ideal client using their interests & targeting tools.
– you can optimize your campaigns for different goals (for example brand awareness, website visits, offer clics, sales…)
– the cost per clic is usually cheaper than in Google Adwords.
– you can show your product or services to people who already don’t know about you, or even to people who don’t know they need you.

4) Pinterest

Pinterest is my favorite alternative to SEO. Let me explain you why:
– it’s totally free.
– although many people think it’s a social media, it isn’t. Pinterest is a search engine as Google.
– if your ideal client loves pretty pictures & quotes, you will get much more clics & visitors from Pinterest than from Google.
– it starts slow, but once your pins start getting re-pins, it keeps growing automatically without you even working on it.
– it’s fun, inspiring and easy to use.

5) Collaborations

Finally, I want to talk to you about another way to increase your visibility: collaborations. You can do them with other businesses in your niche, with people who share same target or with brands who have a huge audience. I’ve tried all the possibilities and the results are always great.
By doing collabs you will:
– get exposure for free in front of a new audience.
– get contacts & referrals for future works.
– you may end up making new friends.
– if you work with bigger companies or brands, you will increase your authority.
– it also helps you grow your portfolio, which means more things to show to your potential clients.

These are my 5 alternatives to SEO. For Heartmade & Lovers Love Loving, this is how I handle it:
I am always working on SEO + Pinterest + email marketing.
When I want to run special promotions, I combine Google, Facebook & Instagram advertising with email marketing.
In my less busy months I love doing collaborations to keep my creativity high, have a nice time & get some exposure.

And you? What do you do to increase your business visibility?

Comment here so we can all learn from each other!

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