Here you'll find all my design projects, from brand identity to web design. Anything I do, I share it here with you. I hope you like it and, if you need so, think on me as a designer for your future projects!

As you can see, I am a graphic designer with years of experience working for graphic companies as well as for myself. Right now, this is how I like most working: as a freelance for small and medium enterpreneurs that enjoy their brands as much as I do enjoy creating new things. I think it's the key for a success.
So if you are in the mood, and need to know anything else,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I'll be glad to help you and do something cool together :)

charo ruiz graphic design catalog new collection


I’m proud to share with you the catalog I designed for Charo Ruiz Ibiza, one of the most important firms of AdLib fashion in the island. It was an honor for me to work for them and I love the result.
If you click the image you can see more pictures about the catalog. As you can see, we used vintage images from Ibiza combined with the new product line. They also asked me to add my personal touch with my watercolor brush strokes.
Since their line is all about transparencies, we used this technique in all the design and combining this idea with a minimal text layout.

web milena guell


Today I want to share with you the blog of Milena Güell because I’m very proud of her and because I know that today is a sad day for her. Hope this cheers her up a little bit!
I helped her creating this new website to feature her gorgeous photographies and share her thoughts about life with everybody.
She also asked me to draw a hand lettering logo with her name, and I’m super happy for that! I love combining my coding with my drawings :D
Hope you like it and follow her work from now on!

Logo Estel Sole


This is the logotype I've designed for Estel Solé, an amazing actress, poet and dramaturg :)

Right now we are working on her new website where she'll show all what she does, which is a lot...!! I guess most of you are already following her, but in case you don't, here you have the links to her social media:
facebook estel soletwitter estel soleinstagram estel solepinterest estel sole

Cristina Martinez Makeup artist logo design


When I met Cristina this summer I felt in love with her energy and happiness. I was super excited when she asked me to design her new logo and website. She was planing to move from Ibiza to Milan and start her own hair and makeup company. For her branding she wanted colors, so she asked me to feel free and express with my paintings her personal style. It's been super fun and for me is an honor to have the opportunity to share with you the result.
We've been also working on her new website and we will launch it soon... I can't wait!! ☺
Hope you like it!



It's been a long time since I did not upload my latest projects, but one of the main reasons it's because I've been hard working on so many graphic orders. This one is a website I've designed and developed for a furniture shop in Mallorca. They have a very big shop with modern furniture that for sure you'll love. If you live there or have the opportunity to visit that amazing island, why not taking a look at their shop in Pollença? And if you don't have that chance… you can always visit their website here:)

Watercolor floral illustrations by Claudia Orengo


Hi there! ☺ As a graphic designer I spend many hours in front of my computers, and painting with watercolors is for me a great way to scape from the rutine but without stopping my creativity. Watercolor is for me the best technique to express my feelings, I never think too much before each painting, I just let me mood choose the colors and brush expressions... And that's amazing because the result is like a picture of each concrete moment ❤ If you want to see more illustrations, just click the background picture!

Flower Icecream


Today I feel gifty! This is a project I've been having in mind for more than a year and I never had the chance to shoot the pictures. Finally, the other morning was a very rainy day and I decided it was THE DAY. So I made my way to the flower shop and bought a nice bouquet. The craziest moment was when I came into the Icecream Shop and asked for the biscuit cone under the storm...
But it's worth it!! I am very happy with the result and I want to share the feeling with you all. Giving is the best!!!
Don't you think so?

Eventos el Columpio - diseño de imagen corporativa: logo y tarjetas by Heartmade


My beloved Raquel Saez is starting a new company as wedding and party planner. After years of experience and studies about it, she will soon share with us her new brand called Eventos el Columpio. I encourage you to stay aware of the release, because she is amazing!
This is the logotype and business cards I've designed for her. As you can see, the style is sweet and colorful because that's how she is :) If you are planning a party, bridal shower or wedding, don't hesitate to contact her. You will be surprised of her amazing ideas and what's best is that her passion is contagious!

Kit Germinación Casero


This is a germination kit I've designed for Lilliput, Living Food. I'm very happy because it's been another client coming from this website, and this fact gives me more hope to continue writing and working on it :)
As you can see on the pictures (as always, you can find more pictures by clicking over the background photo) I've used kraft paper to follow the "eco" line of the product. The idea is to sell some seeds so you can grow them at home. The bag itself is at the same time container and tool, because you will use it later to germinate the seeds. On the back side, there's a table with the contents of the kit, and on the inside you'll find illustrated instructions for the process.
Hope you like it :)

Heartmade interview for DMC


I'm super happy to share with you the interview that DMC has made me for his spanish blog. It's been a pleasure working with them, and the result looks pretty amazing. You can check it here: DMC interview

But what makes me happier is the fact that the most important brand of embroidery threads wants to share with everybody my project of cross stitched postcards. It makes me really proud and happy to share my passion for traditional embroidery with everybody ☺
Here you can see all my cross stitch postcards here✂♥

el Ral artist website


Another website design and development for 2014!! This is the result of few months working hand in hand with the artist Ral.
I hope you all enjoy his website and follow his work, because believe me... it's magic what you'll find under his pieces.

If you want to visit the website, you can do it here: www.ral-artworks.com

watercolor illustrations by Claudia Orengo Heartmade


In an old post I showed you my first attempts in drawing with ink and watercolors. This past months in Berlin I've been improving my technique and trying to draw directly with the watercolor paintings, which is much more difficult for me but at the same time I feel it let me be more free. Because the watercolor dries very quicly, I don't have enought time to thing 'Should I use this color or that one?'. It's just about intuition, feeling, energy and enjoying the moment. That's what I like the most of painting with watercolor. One day I made an exercice in which I had to paint my feelings from songs. So I listened to Lucy in the sky with diamonds and the result were lots of purple and pink brush drops. Then I listened to Of Monsters and Men and I came up with lots of blue and green triangles... Iceland, I guess.
Well, I know I'm far from being a watercolor artists, but at least I enjoy and feel lots of emotions while painting :)

Hope you like it!

Heartmade's 2014 Summary


Today is Blue Monday... that day when most of us are sad and in bad mood. I must admit that when I woke up this morning and saw the rain I thought it was a terrible day. But then I started reading about blue monday and I said... hey! Let's try pink monday! ☺

So here I am, sharing with you the summary I made last week with my friend Mai. She taught me to transfer any design from paper to wood just by applying latex. It's awesome!! So I made this wood poster for myself, to remember and to share with you all my design projects from 2014. Most of them are already in this section, but some others are still on the oven waiting for the best moment to be posted. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed working on them!
Here you have the details of each project:

* Surf Tasmania: logo design
* Lupa: web developement
* Ral: web design & development
* Quest for Talent: logo design & event branding
* L'ou: branding design
* Acompany: flyer design
* Nadeau: logo re-design & newsletter design
* Marquez y Abogados: flyer design
* Gabinete Gestor: business cards design
* Grupo MLT: business cards design
* Ses Cabretes: logo design & label design
* Ecofeixes: logo design & branding
* Lilliput: labels design
* Linostchka: web development
* Barracuda: web development
* Vienzzo: web development
* Yung & Associates: business cards design

Surf Tasmania Logo by Claudia Orengo from Heartmade


Today I want to share my latest logo design. This last year I've been very busy with lots of work, but also very happy because I'm starting to be a worldwide graphic design studio :) And this is thanks to new clients from around the world, like this surf brand from Tasmania. It's been a pleasure working with Danielle from Surf Tasmania to conceive their logotype. They wanted a modern, clean and unisex branding. At the end we came up with this "stamp" inspired logo, combining modern typography with the shape of the island.
At the same time we were also working on another project for their brand, from which I still have no pictures but hopefully I will have very soon. I'm excited to share the result with you!! :)
Hope you like what I've created, and if you need something for your brand... don't hesitate to contact me through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I'll be glad to start working together!!

Nadeau - Furniture with a soul


I'm so happy to introduce you to the new logo I've designed for Nadeau. If you live in the US, you must know this awesome company that has stores all around the country, in which you'll surelly find the most beautiful and unique furniture for your home. As they say... Nadeau offers you "furniture with a soul".

Logo BellaIbiza


And another identity project to the collection!! :) Truth is that if you had asked me a year ago I would never had answered that most of my clients would be for branding and logo design... but I'm happy now with it!!

So this is BellaIbiza, a company runned by Ana Gonzalez since long time ago, but still did not had a defined identity. That was my goal, to create a logotype and branding identity that she loved and she felt represented by. And this is the result! A clean, soft and chill logo!
Right now we are finishing with the details of her website design, which will be hopefully ready very soon. I'm looking forward to share it with you! But for the moment... if you are planning going to Ibiza, be sure to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. because she is great finding charming houses for everybody!!

Logo Mai Love Photo


Mai is one of the best photographers I've ever known, and it's been such an honor to re-design her logo identity.

She asked me for some logotype to define her actual photo style, which she defines as "organic". It's been a challenge for me, but I'm very happy with the result and she feels very identified with it! :)
Here you can see one of her photographies, but I really encourage you to visit her links because she has such a style!

facebook Mai Love Phototumblr Mai Love Photoinstagram Mai Love Photo

Cheese Label Design


This summer I have designed the logo and the label for Ses Cabretes, a group of local Ibizan farmers that produce they cheese with the milk from their own goats.
The result claims the traditional homemade style combined with modern open minds.
Hope you can try it sometime because it is amazing!! ☺